Acotar Series Review


Whitney Rock, Writer

I loved all these books. They had something amazing about all of them. They all had some events that were not fun to read about, but overall, they were very enjoyable. They all included action, romance, new friendships, new relationships, new discoveries, and more. These books might not be for everyone, but they are an enjoyable read. I highly recommend it if you do like action and romance. To give some context, the main characters’ names that are mentioned in the review are Feyre, Rhysand, and Tamlin. When I mention other leaders, it means the leaders of the different courts. 

A Court of Thorns and Roses 

This was an enjoyable book. But looking back on it, you miss the crucial details. Once you read A Court of Mist and Fury, you finally realize why some of the characters were acting the way they did. It was nice to finally see the main character, Feyre, form a comfortable relationship with a man named Tamlin. But when you read how she was feeling in that relationship, it becomes incredibly sad. You start to question everything that was happening at the time that she is there. At the end of the book, it becomes heartbreaking with everything the main character must deal with. Something happens with a woman who is trying to control the world. She is an abusive powerful woman who hurts Rhysand and Feyre. At the end of the book, you realize why she hurts Feyre, but in some of the later books, you realize the pain Rhysand went through. She forms a new “friendship” with another one of the soon to be main characters, Rhysand, and he helps her a lot. Even if she does not realize everything that he is doing for her. He keeps it somewhat of a secret. Rhysand forms a tattoo on Feyre’s arm as some sort of connection and debt she owes to him. He uses it as a calling to her. 

A Court of Mist and Fury 

When reading this book, it becomes heartbreaking. The main character, Feyre, becomes trapped in her own relationship, and she is not allowed to do anything. Her fiancé, Tamlin, keeps her trapped in her own home. It is one of the saddest things to read after everything that happens. But on their wedding day, the man that helped her in the end of the book, Rhysand, comes to save her from her own wedding because of the second thoughts she is having. But when he comes to take her away, she does not understand why or how he heard her or knew to come save her. Feyre finally learns all the wrong things that Tamlin has done to her. Rhysand introduces Feyre to his inner circle and his home. The inner circle welcomes her, and they help her strengthen her mind and herself. When this all happens, someone tries to break the barrier between humans and fae. With that happening, it would become a huge problem. With that problem happening, Feyre must return to Tamlin.  

A Court of Wings and Ruin 

This was one of the favorites of the whole series. I loved reading about all the details of everything that happened in the book. Starting with the sadness of Feyre having to go back, it becomes a huge advantage for her, Rhysand, and the inner circle. Feyre hates being there, but she must do it for her friends and the world. She must get information from the person trying to break the barrier to try and stop that from happening. But when some of the people who are working with the person who is trying to start a war try to kill Feyre and her friend, she must eliminate them and escape. Which she does and Tamlin finds out she was lying and was not being her true self. Feyre soon must go to war with all the other leaders. When reading this part, it was incredibly detailed. It was one of my favorite parts to read, because you can read about the skill and pull to save everyone. They soon win the war, but something happens, and it will become an incredibly sad few parts of the series.  

A Court of Frost and Starlight 

This book was great, but it was a little slow. There was not any action or the exciting things that happened in the other books. It focused more on their feelings and experiences in the last book. Although it is nice to understand and know how the other characters are feeling, it could have been done in the other books while all the other events were happening. It was nice to read about the peace they were finally having. But some of the characters were acting annoying and selfish.