Alexa Profka, Managing Editor

They’re beautiful, but cannot see

A butterfly cannot see int’s own wings, it does not care for beauty

Yet, we see, and work hard to be percieved as pure beauty

Toxicity is what we’ve become, in a world so full of Rapacity.


A deer tramples through the brush, carful not to awake the wolf in the woods

Fear in it’s eyes, shows all that it should

Predator and Prey, strong and puny

Men and Women, unequal are We?


Shame felt towards the smallest things, yet isn’t bothering others to be seen

Failure as small as a C, makes you looked down upon by Society

Gifted are we, then we’re pushed

Burnt out when grown, earning disappointed looks.


Standards raised far too high

Follow the trends and you’ll be fine

Accepted in our little cliques

Just to fit into Society.


Skinny bodies, you’re favored more

Good personality? No award

Pressure into beauty standards

What happened to being Natural?