The Least to Most Beautiful States

The Least to Most Beautiful States

The United States is a country with many different states which include different qualities. Each state has its pros and cons which distinguishes who they are as a state. The United States is a beautiful country, both natural features and manmade are gorgeous. Using online images and personal experience I ranked each state from worst to best on how beautiful they are, in my own opinion.

  1. Kansas

Even though this is the lowest ranking state on my list it is still beautiful. It has large plains and the Ogallala Aquifer, on of the world’s largest underground sources of fresh water.

  1. Oklahoma

One quality that Oklahoma has, which puts it above Kansas, is the waterfalls. The most popular waterfalls include Turner Falls, Beavers Bend Waterfall, and Natural Falls State Park.

  1. Indiana

Indiana also has multiple water falls but Dunes National Lakeshore makes the state what it is.

  1. Iowa

The main geographic feature of Iowa are the Cedar River and the valleys.

  1. Nebraska

Nebraska is located in the Great Plains. Which offers gorgeous views, but these views could be too simple for some people.

  1. Illinois

The state of the well-known city Chicago, but that isn’t all it has to offer. One place I find incredibly beautiful is the Starved Rock State Park

  1. Ohio

Ohio consists of mainly flatlands; one of its most scenic views is the 300 miles worth of coastlines of the Great Lakes.

  1. Missouri

The best features in this state are basic but they are still enjoyable to the eye, such as rivers and forests.

  1. Mississippi

Fertile soil in this state makes agriculture outstanding. Mississippi also has beautiful shorelines on the Gulf Coast.

  1. New Jersey

New jersey holds glacial lakes and calming beaches. In the season of fall the trees are gorgeous.

  1. Delaware

Like New Jersey, Delaware has beautiful beach views and appealing forests.

  1. Connecticut

Connecticut has basic flatlands and rivers, but they are still eye appealing views.

  1. North Dakota

The mountain views in this state are beautiful.

  1. Louisiana

The Swamps located in Louisiana are surprisingly stunning and make the standout. As well as the well-known city, New Orleans.

  1. Georgia

The views from the hills in Georgia are phenomenal, it shows a beautiful skyline.

  1. Alabama

Like Georgia, Alabama has beautiful hills. It is also located on the Gulf Coast and has gorgeous waterfalls.

  1. Kentucky

Contains a ton of countryside views and a unique thing Kentucky has is limestone hills.

  1. Massachusetts

Known for the City, Boston, and the Boston Harbor. Also has scenic views on the Cape Cod National Seashore.

  1. Pennsylvania

Part of the Appalachians is in Pennsylvania. The views of the lakes from high land points is what makes this state so beautiful.

  1. Rhode Island

Though it is a relatively small state, the coasts in Rhode Island are calmingly beautiful with textured cliffsides.

  1. New Hampshire

New Hampshire has high landforms and water features that fall through that create beautiful scenes.

  1. Arkansas

Cliffsides in Arkansas are simple but appealing; the Buffalo River and the Ouachita Mountains are well known landmarks in Arkansas.

  1. Maryland

Maryland holds many different types of features such as coastlines, mountains, farmland, and more.

  1. South Dakota

Home to Mount Rushmore and many other mountains. The Black Hills and the Missouri river are two of many attractions.

  1. South Carolina

Beaches in this state are some of my personal favorites, including myrtle beach and Charleston.

  1. Vermont

Vermont has bright green hills for days alongside lakes and rivers.

  1. Nevada

The mountains in Nevada give a stunning view. Lake Tahoe is an important part to the nature in this state. It is the largest alpine lake in North America and the largest freshwater lake in Nevada.

  1. Minnesota

Minnesota is known for their lakeside cliffs, waterfalls, and deep forests, which are all good for hiking, fishing, and visual appeal.

  1. Wisconsin

Wisconsin borders Lake Superior and Lake Michigan and has thousands of other lakes, some including glaciers.

  1. Texas

One of Texas’s prettiest places is Big Blend National Park. The western scenery in Texas is a sight to see.

  1. Tennessee

The Smokey Mountains are located in Tennessee, the skyline in this state is phenomenal.

  1. Virginia

This state is known for Virginia Beach, but this state also includes beautiful cliffsides.

  1. West Virginia

The rocky terrain and rivers create a beautiful scene against the skyline.

  1. Florida

The state known for beach vacations which hold gorgeous shorelines.

  1. New York

Even though the Big Apple is a gorgeous part of New York it has so much more in store. The mountain ranges, lakes and Niagara Falls give a beautiful wildlife to the state.

  1. Idaho

The mountains in Idaho are incredibly pleasing to the eye. A popular place with these mountains is the Craters of the Moon National Monument and Preserve.

  1. New Mexico

The deserts that are in this state are iconic. A beautiful part of New Mexico is White Sands National Park.

  1. Maine

The shorelines and cliffside are what make this state.

  1. North Carolina

The Blue Ridge Mountains and The Outer Banks have some of the most wonderful coastlines.

  1. Michigan

The Great Lakes State, it has some of the most stunning beaches and fresh water. Another great part of this state is the Sleeping Bear Dunes.

  1. Arizona

The Grand Canyon isn’t the only beautiful part of this state. The deserts and other canyons have so much in store for a great scenic view.

  1. Montana

The mountains surrounded by trees, fields, and rivers are absolutely breath taking.

  1. Wyoming

Bighorn National Forest is a beautiful site to see. The mountains and rivers in Wyoming are something people would wish to see every day.

  1. Oregon

The tall trees inside the forests in Oregon are naturally gorgeous. The coastlines are an honorable mention.

  1. Utah

Known for their sandstone arches and Zion National Park.

  1. Alaska

The snowy state has more to offer then below zero temperatures. The Northern Lights is just one of many things that make Alaska so unique.

  1. Colorado

This state has a generous number of mountains and mountain lakes. The views of this state are truly elegant.

  1. Washington

The views of Washington are one of my personal favorites. The mountain ranges and water ways are gorgeous.

  1. California

When people first hear California, they most likely will think of Hollywood; but this state is so much more than that. California has some of the most beautiful coastlines, cliffsides and much more. One of the most well-known national parks in the state is Yosemite National Park.

1. Hawaii

Picking a number one state based off their scenic views was a tough decision. Hawaii is the most unique state compared to the other 49. The beautiful ocean, wildlife, culture, and volcanoes are all things you can see just by stepping foot in this state.