Club Spotlight: Coalition Teen Council

Club Spotlight: Coalition Teen Council

Chloe Hilgendorf, Writer

What is CTC? 

Coalition Teen Council (CTC) is one of Dakota’s many clubs. CTC focuses on being against drugs and underage drinking as well as advocating for suicide prevention and mental health awareness. CTC is led by Dakota’s student advisor specialists Ms. Lange and Ms. Black. Ms. Lange also is an advisor for the Gender and Sexuality Alliance (GSA). The GSA often teams up with the CTC to run events. 


When are the club meetings? 

CTC has biweekly meetings. Every month there always is one meeting before school on a Thursday at 7:00am (generally in the main building community room) and one meeting that is after school on a Thursday (generally in the 9th grade community room). It is not a membership requirement to be at every meeting. If students are considering joining CTC, they are always welcome to come to a meeting and see what it’s like before making a decision!  

Dakota’s CTC is a division of the Coalition for Youth and Families which has meetings every month, but members are only required to represent Dakota’s CTC in one Coalition meeting every year. 

Students in all grade levels may become a member at any point during the school year. To sign up all students need to do is fill out an online form. New members must also sign a pledge to remain drug and alcohol free. Talk to Ms. Lange or Ms. Black for more information.  


What events do CTC members participate in?  

CTC members do many things around the school, even though there are no required community service hours for this club.  

CTC panel members go to Seneca to visit the 8th grade to tell them about what high school at Dakota is like. This year it is planned for Tuesday, January 24th in their math classes. 

The first Ninth Grade Center Scavenger Hunt for incoming Freshmen was at the beginning of this school year. It was a chance for students to walk around the ninth-grade center to find different important locations and try opening a locker. 

Be Aware 5K for Suicide Prevention is one of the biggest events CTC puts on. Senior Mackenzie Koehn said, “I think my favorite event CTC does is the Be Aware 5k in October. It’s a really great event and hundreds of people in the community gather to raise money and walk for suicide prevention. We partner with local organizations like Know Resolve and the Henry Ford Hospital. It means a lot to see everyone come together and is truly heartwarming.”  

CTC members often volunteer to lead small group discussions to give students perspectives when Dakota has a Family Night Out. The next one is set for Wednesday, February 1st. 

Prescription Drug Takebacks at the police station are an opportunity for CTC members to help collect expired prescription drugs when people drop them off to get disposed of properly. There is also the Alcohol and Tobacco Retailers Project where CTC members go with the school police officers to nearby stores and ask them to not sell to other students at our school. CTC also brings in the smashed car that sits outside the main building North Doors before Prom with a banner that stresses the importance of not drinking and driving. 

CTC hosts Wellness Wednesdays in the main building and Talk About It Tuesdays in the ninth-grade center where a table is set up in the cafeterias and students can come up to it to learn about topics and win games.  

Dakota CTC members have also gotten the chance to talk at school board meetings with the Chippewa High School CTC about all of the different events they have done.  


For more information on all the things CTC is doing, follow them on social media! 

Instagram: @dhsctc  

Facebook: @DakotaCTC  

Twitter: @DHSCTC