Personal Poetry Collection

Personal Poetry Collection

My poetry collection:


Short Lifetime

My youthful lifetime exotic companion.

next to over.

Remember running

Grueling grief

Forever promise evaporating



Eventually your replaced.


That’s all you were.


But I Work so Hard

What am I doing wrong?

I give them my all

Put in my delicate time

I work so hard


I give them my all

They take me for granted

Am I not good enough?

What am I doing wrong?


I put in my delicate time

Day and night in the studio

At home practicing in my bedroom

Am I not good enough?


I work so hard

They don’t see my love for this sport

They treat me like just another body

They take me for granted.


Another body

One for them to judge

One for them to benefit from

What am I doing wrong?


I Won’t Apologize

I’m sorry but,

You can’t control me.

It’s my life not yours.


Why do you treat me like I–

I’m the one that

Did something wrong.

It is you that did something wrong.


I know I did not.

So why do you treat me like I did.


You dictate who I spend my time with.

I have so little of it.

I can do what I want with


Precious time.

Not yours.


I’m sorry but

I will do what is best for me

Not you.


My Loves

These two people give me gratitude

Soulmates, that’s what they are

One of which I met at the ballet barre

The other of a different magnitude

They bring me solitude

If I could, I would give them a star

I hate when they are so close, but feel so far

They have a perfect attitude

They’re who I want to spend my time with

Day and night

They are the only ones who treat me right

Their own souls so divine

Platonic and romantic soulmates are not a myth

Life, they are meant to be in mine



Forever type of bond

Aren’t always blood

Mean the most to me

Individuality differentiates you

Love that is so obtuse

You are, what I’m thankful for.


When I Leave

When I’m gone, always know

That I traveled the world;

Found the place I was meant to be.

Kind to those around who swirled.

Those who kindled made me weak;

Nor am I weak, I have beat.

Smile outward stomping on ones antiques.

Taken over by winters, blessed with a suns heat.


Swallowed in triumph, shed it away like snakes;

Soul connection to my place I tag as home.

She is proud of memories that were given;

Her sights and sounds; along many mistakes.

Friends spread out across, further than Macomb.

With all she had, produced a vision.


Wasted Time

We would bake

We would dance

We would laugh

Then we would argue

We would cry we would bicker

Then you were gone

We wasted our time

I miss when we would laugh

I even miss when we would cry

We spent time hating each other

We should have been spending our time in love

Because now our time is up

Your clock ran out

I regret the way we did things

I wish time was reversible

Our good times spent well

But the bad, they’re wasted time

Empty memories

That could have been filled

“I miss you”

I say,

Placing a flower on your new home.



One thought

Turns into many

watching others laugh

I want to laugh

Why can’t I join?

Do they hate me

Think I’m weird

Thoughts that’s all they are

But why\,

God why is it killing me

My insides are shredding

Hoping that I’m loved

Even though I know

God I know that I am

These thoughts

Overpower the truth

Why can’t I understand

That I’m not a burden

I’m loved, why

Just why?


My Home

I’m not ready to say goodbye

Gave it all my time

Since I could walk

I danced



Its more than a sport

Or even an art form

It’s a home


The people there

I spend all my time with

They hold me

No matter what


Dancing itself

It feels like home.

I don’t know how I’m going to live without it.


Once I am done

It will feel like nothings left.


Dance is my life I’m about to leave behind.


My Love

Hold my hand

Please my love

Keep me warm


You’re my right hand

My love

You calm all storms


My smile doesn’t stop in your presence

Just looking at you

Everything lights up


With joy


And love


Hold my hand forever

Please my love