Look Back at 2022 Through TikTok

Look Back at 2022 Through TikTok

Here is a list of the most popular TikTok trends of 2022!

Wednesday show

The show Wednesday aired on Netflix in November. In the show, actress Jenna Ortega who plays Wednesday Adams did a dance to the song “Goo Goo Muck”. This oddly choreographed dance gained a popularity causing many to try to recreate it.

Frog Flips

In this trend somebody would tell someone else that a “frog” was in their hand. Then asks the other person to hold the frog’s imaginary jacket. As they grab the “jacket” the person then asks, “do you actually think that there’s a frog in my hand?” This trend’s purpose was to get a laugh out of both the viewers and the participants in the video.

Alix Earle

Not necessarily a trend but a new TikToker that is skyrocketing to fame. She has gained a huge following in the last months of 2022 by doing lifestyle videos.

It’s Corn

During an interview a little boy expressed how much he loved corn. The interview went viral, it even became a song.

Squirrel in my pants

In this video someone hides another person and says, “there’s a squirrel in my pants.” Then they move and the other persons pretends to scream, alongside the audio.

Day in the life/ get ready with me

This year there was an increase in lifestyle type of videos. Many young girls record days in the life or get ready with me videos, reminding the audience of YouTube videos that they used to watch.

Tortilla slap

In this trend two people fill their mouth with water. Then they take a tortilla and slap each-other in the face with it, until someone spits all the water out.

Charcuterie Board

This food trend became popular through TikTok. It is a wooden or stone board with cheeses’, crackers, bread, olives, fruits, etc.

Conan Gray Memories

A video recap of someone’s memories to the song by Conan Gray.

Fridge Restocks

In these videos people restock their fridges in an aesthetically pleasing way. People enjoy watching and critiquing these types of videos.

Dead favorite celebrity

In this trend a kid tells their parent that their favorite celebrity passed away. These videos are a good laugh.

I’m the problem it’s me

Using the song Anti-Hero by Taylor swift people type a message over the TikTok. Usually, it insinuates them in a negative way. The video is sort of a self-realization but in a comedic way.

Things I consider perfect

In this trend people show a slideshow of pictures of all the things that they love. Including friends, hobbies, sports, etc.

Proud to be an American

With this audio people show something that is common in America, the audio then plays an eagle sound.

Couple Past vs. Recent

This trend couples shows their most recent picture compared to their very first.

Cheese touch

Using the bug eyes filter people use the sound from the movie Diary of a Wimpy Kid, talking about the cheese touch.

Dance style videos:

Money don’t jiggle jiggle

Made you look

About d*mn time

Is your man on the floor

Players- Coi Leray

Rich Flex

6000 Degrees

FNF remix

Pressure- Dee Diamondz

Hug Me

Dance wiv me

Evil twin