How to Recharge During Winter Break

How to Recharge During Winter Break

Madison Short, Writer

Finally, Christmas break approaches, beginning on December 21st and ending on January 3rd. During the school week, students are exhausted and overfilled with work; during this break, it is their responsibility to get recharged and ready for midterms and the first semester’s end. Below is a list of things that need to be done in order to fully recharge yourself over break: 


Get Good Sleep- During the school week students tend to only get an average of about five to seven hours of sleep when eight to ten hours are needed. Without the right amount of rest students have difficulty waking up in the morning, trouble concentrating throughout the day, could fall asleep in their classes, and are more likely to feel moody or depressed. Over break, students will not be slammed with large amounts of schoolwork, allowing them to take naps or go to sleep at an earlier time. Some things that make it easier to go to bed are making sure that you fall asleep in your own bed every night, trying to take minimal naps during the day, avoiding caffeine, and limiting your screen time before bed. It is extremely important to make sure your body gets to sleep at a reasonable time. Many of the ideas for this topic came from- 


Spend Time with Family- With students having time away from school and most parents having time from work, it is important that families are not taking advantage of the time they have together without any distractions. Children replicate what they see at home and by spending time with one another it enforces positive family values. Seniors will be leaving for college in less than a year and this is the time that they will never get back. Communicating with your family helps you to become more accepting of others as well as appreciating their unique qualities. Over break, it is important you spend as much time as possible with your family. Objectives covered through this topic came from –,help%20develop%20positive%20family%20values. 


Fun Activities- With more sleep and no school, you have additional time to involve yourself in activities you find enjoyable to improve your mental health, and simply make you happy. There are plenty of things to do on Winter break, like ice skating, looking at Christmas lights, and watch Christmas movies. Students should take this time off to focus on themselves and recharge for their return.