Why you should shoot film


Kathryn Old, Writer

Photography is ever changing, with new cameras advancing taking higher quality pictures but nothing beats good old film.  

Using film is an experience. Picking the shots, you decided to shoot, developing them (yourself or by sending them to a company) and then receiving the pictures. Film gives a fun sense of not knowing how your pictures are going to turn out. You must take the chance of them somehow not turning out, but for the most part they always show up as cool pictures of the memories you’ve made. Getting your film back is like receiving a Christmas gift.  

Here are some reasons why you should be using film photography- 

Film isn’t too expensive  

If you’re just getting into photography, you can get a good film camera from Ebay from around $40-$70. You can even ask around in your family to see if anyone has any of their old film cameras that still work. Film itself isn’t too expensive either. You can get a roll of film from around $10-$20 a roll depending on the type of film that you get.  

Film helps you to develop your own photography style                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         

Rolls of film usually only come with about 24-36 exposures depending on the brand. With limited amounts of pictures you can take, it allows you to be more meticulous with your angles and what you choose to shoot.  

It’s fun  

After you take a picture, you don’t get to see how it turned out, so you must wait to finish the whole roll of film to get it developed. In a way, a roll of film is like a little time capsule with pictures of different memories in them. You live more in the moment with film because you only can take one shot.  

The look of film  

Film cameras capture light differently than digital cameras do. That causes the pictures you capture on film to already have a more “aesthetically pleasing” look than digital cameras have. They have a grainy texture on the photos that you don’t have to edit in.  


Here are some pictures I’ve taken with my film camera compared to similar photos I’ve taken with

my phone.

Taken on an iPhone
Taken on film
Taken on film
Taken on an iPhone
Taken on an iPhone
Taken on film