Netflix Christmas Movies


As the month of December approaches, many people enjoy watching Christmas movies to get them into the holiday spirit. There is a variety of movies including romance, comedy, romantic comedy, and fantasy. Below are some of the top-rated movies shown on Netflix, and what they are about. 

Falling for Christmas-  

This movie came out on Netflix this year and is a romantic comedy. It all starts when a newly engaged, spoiled girl, Sierra, gets into a skiing accident with her fiancé days before Christmas. The ski accident caused a strike to her head by a tree, diagnosing her with amnesia. After lying unconscious, a young cabin owner, Terry, comes across her and takes her to the hospital. Since she could not recall who she was, they could not contact anyone she was related to because no form of identification was provided. Terry takes her in, and they begin to fall in love as she recovers her identity. On Christmas eve, her fiancé finds her and takes her back home. She soon calls off her engagement and ends up staying with Terry and his daughter as the cabin sales begin to increase.  

Love Hard-  

Love hard is another romantic comedy that came out in 2021. It is about a young woman who becomes involved with a guy she has been talking to online, Josh Lin, they text daily and call each other every night. As she gains more feelings for him, she decides it would be an exciting idea to surprise him for the holidays. When she arrives at his home, she is greeted by his mother and father, and they wait for him to arrive. Once he arrives, he is not what she expected and soon realizes she was being catfished the whole time. Before she was about to leave, Josh told her he could set her up with Tag, the guy she was seeing in all the pictures. She soon realized she and Tag were nothing alike and decided to form a relationship with Josh, the guy that catfished her because she enjoyed his personality so much more. 

The Noel Diary- 

The Noel Diary seems to be a dramatic romance film taking place during the holiday season. The movie begins when Jake Turner returns to his hometown after his mother’s passing and enters her home to settle what will be done with her property. When he is revisiting his hometown, he becomes familiar with a woman named Rachel who was there in search of her biological mother. Despite their differences they are connected, carrying out their adventures together even though Rachel is engaged. Jake and Rachel’s journey is to visit Jake’s father to try to find out information about Rachel’s mother. As the journey takes rough turns, they must face each rough patch together.  

Jingle Jangle- 

Jingle Jangle is a fantasy, musical film that was released in 2020. The main character is Jeronicus Jingle, who owns a world-famous toy shop known as Jangles and Things. When his career began to take off, it was quickly taken from him when Gustafson stole his book full of blueprints of upcoming toys he was going to manufacture. This caused thirty years of mourning until his young, bright granddaughter arrives at his home. She gave him the hope of being joyful once again as they worked together through the holiday season. 

A Boy Called Christmas- 

This fantasy film is filled with laughs as a young boy by the name of Nikolas begins his journey to the North Pole searching for his father who was on a quest to discover the village of elves known as Elfhelm after he discovers a map proving that they village is real. When he makes it to Elfhelm he is left with only his father’s knife, and quickly loses all hope of finding him and collapses. Nikolas is then found by Little Noosh and Father Topo who gives him a “hope spell” allowing him to recover. He then finds out his father, Joel, is believed to have kidnapped an elf and wants to clarify the misunderstanding. Nikolas then realizes the next best thing to do is go to the king of Elfhelm to help him find his father.  

The Christmas Chronicles- 

The story begins when Kate and Teddy, brother and sister, lay out a trap for Santa on Christmas Eve. They end up getting Santa on a video camera they set up and manage to sneak onto his sleigh and hide. As they soared through the sky, Kate began to shiver and terrify Santa when she asked him for a blanket. When Santa jumped at the scene of Kate and Teddy this caused a bag of toys to fly away as well as his hat and reindeer causing them to land in Chicago. Out of guilt, they help Santa clean up the mess they had made which resulted in a closer brother and sister relationship that they have had since their father’s death. 

The Christmas Chronicles 2- 

This movie is the sequel to the Netflix original film, The Christmas Chronicles. It takes place two years later when Kate and Teddy are unhappily spending their Christmas in Mexico with their mother, her new boyfriend, and his son Jack. Kate decided to run away and fly back to Boston not realizing that Jack was following her onto a shuttle to the “airport.” Unexpectedly, the shuttle took them to the North Pole by an elf named Belsnickel. Santa saved both Kate and Jack and brought them back to his home where they got a tour of the village by Mrs. Clause. The kids soon found out that Belsnickel became a naughty elf after Santa and Mrs. Clause did not have as much time for him anymore, causing him to run away. Belsnickel then stole the star of Bethlehem off the top of the villages Christmas tree, and it was sadly broken during the fight to get it back on the tree, making the power go out throughout the village. During the movie there are many twists and turns leading up to Santa and Belsnickel’s relationship being refreshed and the safe return of Kate and Jack to Mexico.