Stars To Align


Tall like a tree 

His silhouette stretches upward  

Toward the warm light of the sun 

His ever-changing imagination 

Plucks ideas from the clouds  

Perfectly placed words in a row  

Creating perfectly curated sentences 


With his fuzzy hair creating a halo around him 

Lips pressing together to hide a smile 

The same smile that lights up the room 

Making the room a warm burgundy 

His eyes the color of the centers of sunflowers 

Pupils big enough to hold the whole night sky  

Stars hidden in them  

Galaxies and black holes 


Through them I see his mind  

Analytical and thoughtful  

Rule following and endearing 

Quiet like a mouse 

His mind fast like a racehorse on the track 

Galloping along the others  

Constant motion  

Never standing still  


With his ever-changing face 

Transforming each minute 

Painted with different expressions 

To put his emotions out on display 


His cryptic sense of humor 

Paring well with his cautious pessimism 

Viewing the world through grey tone glasses  

Juxtaposing my rose colored eyes  

My warm hearted nature  

Complimenting the cold familiar eyes of his 


Little does he know 

His words have made a home 

Deep in a corner of my mind 

I’ll keep him their 

I’m the corner of my mind  

Along with my secret  

They will stay locked away  

I’ll keep my hands wrapped around the key 

With white knuckles and calluses  

Loosening the grip 

To state the obvious  

In my color coded speak 

He will remain oblivious to my   

Puzzle piece sentences  

Double meanings woven into each of them 


But the time isn’t right 

So, I’ll have to wait  

Grandfather time will continue 

To taunt me 

Tick, tick, tick 

To dangle the future in front of me 

And I’ll keep stupidly chasing it  


I’ll keep waiting  

For a sign 

I’ll keep staring into his round 


Till  his eyes meet mine  

Till our stars align