An Epic Expansion: Universal Orlando’s Upcoming Park

Released concept art of Universal Orlando’s Epic upcoming Epic Universe Park.

Alyssa Wend, Writer

A little over three years ago on August 1st, 2019, the NBCUniversal company announced that a new theme park would be constructed at Universal Studios Orlando. The Orlando location already consists of the “Universal Studios Florida” and “Islands of Adventure” theme parks, as well as the “Volcano Bay” waterpark, making the newly announced park the fourth one on the property. The new addition is known as “Epic Universe,” and is set to open in the summer of 2025. While initially supposed to open earlier, the COVID-19 pandemic slowed down construction. However, work is still happening at a rapid pace despite these setbacks and rumored attractions are already starting to take shape. 

As of right now, most everything about Epic Universe seems to be rumor and speculation. When it was announced, concept art was released to the public. While it was hard to make out, there was enough content for people to start speculating about what would be included in the park. The art itself appears to be divided into “minilands” which is a concept Universal has used in the past. Much like the current Harry Potter and Jurassic Park areas, the new minilands are each expected to be centered around a particular theme. The only miniland that is known for certain at this time, is Super Nintendo World, which is to be very similar to the current location at Universal Japan, and the upcoming one at Universal Studios Hollywood. Like the other locations, it will include a virtual reality attraction based off the Mario Kart franchise, and, like Japan, the land will have a more relaxed, kid-friendly Yoshi-themed ride. In addition, it will include one more attraction-a Donkey Kong-themed coaster. 

Though not yet confirmed, other speculated lands include those based off the How to Train Your Dragon, Harry Potter, and Classic Monsters franchises. There will also be multiple new hotels and other attractions for guests to enjoy. With this massive expansion, Universal will be given the opportunity to expand their ever-growing company and draw in new visitors.
Released concept art of Universal Orlando’s Epic upcoming Epic Universe park.