The Stalker

The Stalker

The hairs on my arms are at their highest peak, my fight-or-flight senses are alerted. I sense someone lurking behind me on my walk home.

I had just finished my night shift at the restaurant that I serve at. I have been working there since I was sixteen years old, it has been a long two years. I met one of best friends working late nights there. He is a widowed man in his late sixties with silver hair, and big beer belly. He is truly a sweetheart. I know its kind of sad that I’m friends with a lonely man but it’s refreshing.

Is he the one following me?

No, it couldn’t be I don’t recognize this presence behind me. I can’t actually see the person behind me, I can only sense him. I believe myself to have above average senses. I don’t know why I think that I just believe it.

I walk at a fast pace, just below a jog. I try to be discrete; I don’t want him to know that I know he is there. I finally make it home and lock my door rapidly. I hope he didn’t catch which house is mine.

Later on, that week my friend Lana and I decided to head to the park for a picnic. We both agreed that we needed something calming to do, to distract ourselves from the problems of our lives. We ordered a pizza and cut up some fruit, we also brought some supplies to paint.

As me and Lana are catching up on each other’s lives because we haven’t seen one another in a while, my senses feel heightened once again.

I look up and I think it is the same guy that was following me home the other night. The feeling that I get from this guy is similar to what I felt before. This time around I can see his face. He has a scrawny build, like he hasn’t eaten in days. His face is cleanly shaven, not a hair in sight. He is wearing a plain, light blue shirt with khakis with a skinny fit. He doesn’t necessarily seem that scary, he is not that intimidating. I still fear him though.

Should I tell Lana? Am I going insane?

I think I should tell her.

“Lana, I think that man over there is stalking me” I said hoping she believed me.

“Where? What guy?”

“Over there by the bench, he’s wearing a blue shirt” God I hope she knows how to help.

“I don’t see anyone Nora” she looks at me super confused.

Of course, I sit there stressing internally. I am not surprised she doesn’t see him. This is a common occurrence.

“Ok” I say with a somber look.

I don’t feel like fighting her on this one. I try to ignore it and Lana knows I don’t want to keep talking about it. So, we continue painting our pictures as I am still being watched.

On a rainy evening, a few days later I am having a calm evening by myself. I am hovered over the stove cooking a small dinner. The hair on my arms perks up once again. I turn over my shoulder gradually, scared of what I will see.

My back door has a dark like figure standing in it. He is standing on my grass right before my patio. I don’t know what to do. I turn the stove top off, grab my phone, a kitchen knife and run up the stairs to hide.

I hear my back door sliding open. I swear it was locked. I begin to freak out, I feel completely lost. I begin to breathe heavily, hyperventilating. My vison starts to blur, the world becoming hazier.

I open my eyes with severe grogginess and delusion. I check my phone it’s already eight a.m. Confused on how I am still alive. I think I need to go to the police station, I can’t keep living in constant fear.

I opened-up the door to the police station. The air had a musky scent and the aura of the room made me uncomfortable.

“I need to make a report” I said nervously, my hands felt like they were aching to rest as they were shaking uncontrollably.

The officer looked up with a nonchalant expression, “Ok, let me go get another officer.”.

I stood there waiting impatiently. I had finally grew the courage to come forward about this thing that’s been interrupting my daily thoughts and they decide to take their sweet time.

“Hi sweetie, you can follow me” I start walking behind this lady, “what’s your name honey?”

“Um my names Nora” I spoke somewhat shyly.

I think that he is here. I catch a glimpse of him in the far corner of the lobby as I walk past. We make it into a secluded office area and the officer sits me down across from her.

“What’s going on?” she asks me

I let out a big sigh preparing myself to explain to her this nagging tumor that’s been following me around.

“I have a stalker” I say briefly.

“Ok do you have any more details?” she questions me.

I end up telling her everything. Every detail that I have been experiencing the past week. It felt like such an immense relief, maybe she is someone that can finally help me. I have felt like I am drowning, I felt so alone and useless.

Suddenly, I see him once again. Oh my god he is coming this way. What do I do?

“No!” I scream extremely loud.

“Woah honey what’s wrong” the officer looks frantic.

“He’s coming, he’s here, oh gosh” I scream rapidly

More officers come in hearing all my noise, but I am completely oblivious to everything around me. I am zoned in onto one thing and one thing only. My pestering parasite.

I begin slashing around, screaming, fighting.

The next thing I know I’m sitting in a hospital bed.

The doctor looks at me and says, “Hi Nora its good to see you again.’

Great not again.

“We need to do full evaluation, but we believe you entered another schizophrenic episode.”