Inklusive Underground: Writing Club


Writing club is an after-school club that takes place on Wednesdays from 2:11 to 3:00. The club is sponsored by Mrs. Sarver and meets in room 118. Writing club is free to walk into and prides itself on its inclusivity and accepting nature. Hayley Minneweather is the President of the club, however a lot of the work done to run the club is collaborative between Hayley and Vice President, Monday Skrocki. Another eminent position is the “Resident Meme Provider,” Cal Gai.  

Meetings follow a general structure. Starting with going over the agenda. Monday and Hayley then show off a “Meme of the Week,”.  After that you would receive a writing prompt for an independent story or creating a group story. Lastly, sharing the groups writing or Indvidual stories. During the sharing portion of the club, members often play games like Wordle, Hangman, and Sandspiel. The writing club is more student-run, allowing for an unrestricted, creative space for those who would like to meet and interact with others who have similar literary interests. Members of the club also offer homework help for English and creative writing homework. The environment among the members is cheerful. Humor and creative discussions are big parts of the club’s high-spirited atmosphere. The writing club also produces a literary magazine called “Inklusive Underground,” that has been out of production for the past couple of years, but it should resume soon. Overall, the writing club is a perfect spot for anyone looking to share their works, or just hang out and enjoy the humorous atmosphere.