Twenty-Three Nutrition

Something sweet and healthy is not a common mix, but Twenty-Three Nutrition has it! Twenty-Three Nutrition is a business that sells energy teas and protein shakes. There are many different flavors to experience. You can try a new one every time or find one you like and stick with it. Each week there is a new shake and tea of the week. They usually have an eye-catching name that makes you want to go out and buy it. They also have a couple teas and shakes of the month.

The protein shakes usually include about 24g of protein, 200-300 calories, and 21 vitamins and minerals.

The energy teas usually include 245 mg of caffeine, with a flavored collagen, and flavored aloe.

This company is recently under new ownership, and it was an improvement. The staff at this store are affable people and you as a customer will get to know them. Twenty-Three Nutrition is under the same ownership as Stony Creek Nutrition. They sell the same products it is just a different name and location.

You should go out and support this small business on their way to success!

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Location: 50400 Schoenherr Road, Shelby Township, Michigan