Haunted Hallway 🎃


Dakota High School’s annual Haunted Hallway is back! The Haunted Hallway is a yearly tradition that happens in October and is kid friendly. There is much to do there including games in the Atrium and a spooky hallway.  

Dakota’s Project Kind group as well as student volunteers are putting on this event. They will be setting up and are working hard to make it enjoyable for everyone interested. Dr. McPharlin and Mr. Renaud are the heads of the Project Kind club and are also in charge of the Haunted Hallway as well.  

For the younger audience there will be arts and crafts, candy, and games. And for anyone older or uninterested in the atrium festivities there is the Haunted Hallway located on the first floor of the school. Here there will be spooky decorated hallways with scary characters aiming to frighten you as you walk by. The haunted hallway is very similar to a haunted house. And well as the hallways being decorated in a scary fashion.  

This is also a great opportunity for NHS (National Honors Society) students to gain service hours while doing something fun (but anyone is welcome to help!). Each meeting is 45 minutes long and counts for service hours as well as the actual event. They can do anything from being in the hallway scaring people or setting up and running the games. So, if you need service hours please help!

I got the opportunity to attend one of their meetings and they are a bunch of kind, hardworking people determined to make this a fun and exciting event for everyone. So please come on by and join us on the 21st of October at 5:30pm-7:00pm. The cost per ticket is $5. Anyone is welcome to come to the Haunted Hallway to partake in the activities or to volunteer to help. This is a yearly tradition that the community thoroughly enjoys.