Ultimate Frisbee


Emily Palmer, Writer

Ultimate frisbee is a coed, non-contact sport played after school starting at about 2:30 and ending at 4:00 on Mondays and Fridays. The sport is sponsored by Mr. Der Manuelian and takes place on a football field between the ninth-grade center and baseball field. Ultimate frisbee is free to walk in, for it is open to all grade levels, levels of experience, and athleticism. There is a warm-up period prior to the scrimmage the team plays for those who may not have experience with throwing. 

The game focuses heavily on teamwork and good team chemistry. Opposite the field there are two end zones where opposing teams made of usually seven people must get the frisbee too. However, when a player has a frisbee in their hands, they cannot move, instead they must throw it to another teammate. There are two main positions in the game that players take, first is a handler- they have a bigger focus on back and are the ones who set the game with their throws. The other is cutters, they move to complete big, wide throws across the field. In more professional settings the game would stop when one team scores fifteen points or last until 60 minutes, but in the meetings the scrimmage’s times are much more flexible.

The club has been playing for about 6 years in Dakota. They have about 3-4 tournaments per season and have traveled to a few various places like Grand Rapids, Lansing, and Pontiac. The team also does 1-2 scrimmages in the fall and around new years with Oakland University. Although, after October there is a fee to play in tournaments, but you can talk to Mr. Der Manuelian if you would like to play but cannot pay the fee. These games are also free for anyone to watch, the dates of which should be coming out soon. 

Overall, ultimate frisbee can be a fun after school activity if you would like to join for meetings and scrimmages after school, or you could enjoy the more competitive side competing with your teammates. The club has a very upbeat and friendly atmosphere with a focus on teamwork and fun!