Two Sentence Horror Story PT 2

Two Sentence Horror Story PT 2
  1. When I went to work I kept getting stares like no one knew who I was. I looked in the mirror and saw a face that didn’t belong to me.
  2. Presentations are scary for everyone, I walked into my office for the meeting and looked down at my notes for a second. When I looked up I was surrounded by skeletons.
  3. Growing up I always knew I was a little different from the other kids. I never imagined my difference could cause all this destruction.
  4. I’ve had a bad memory my whole life, often with spots of blankness in my memory. When I woke up I turned the news on, and I saw my mugshot with the words “wanted for murder”.
  5. My wife and I just had our baby two hours ago, right away the doctors rushed the baby. We were so worried our baby wasn’t healthy, but they doctors told us they don’t know what my wife gave birth to.
  6. Swimming has always been a release for me, feeling like I’m flying  through the water. I felt the water fill my lungs as I tried to reach the surface for air.
  7. I was so thirsty and just wanted water. Why did it start burning a hole in my throat.
  8. This home was all I’ve ever known growing up, it’s a little strange that there are no windows. Then one of the girls ran away to the outside world, but only returned in a coffin.
  9. This was supposed to be a fun camping trip for all of us. Now I’m hiding from someone who I thought was my friend.
  10. We tricked ourselves for so long telling ourselves that this was for the best. We turned ourselves into monsters.