Two Sentence Horror Story

Two Sentence Horror Story

It was just a normal morning at my house but as I walked into the kitchen all the doors slammed shut and locked. I’d realize that I have walked right into its trap. 


I let my dog out one last time before bed, then when I let him in, we walked to the bedroom. Two minutes later I heard whining from outside, and the dog was not to be found. 


I just kept running as fast as I could into the forest, I could see the streetlight in the distance. The streetlight kept getting further and further away. 


I was hoping it wouldn’t come down to this, I never wanted to hurt anyone. It’s either my survival or his and I won’t let him win. 


I came home from work to see my loving husband waiting for me on the couch to watch our favorite show. I’m so glad he’s dead and has no other choice but to wait for me on that couch. 


I got into a terrible accident, I braked and swerved to avoid hitting a person just lying in the road. When I went to go check on them, I saw their leg was snapped, then it snapped back into place. 


My family tried to abandon me and make me disappear. Now they are all strapped to the chairs so they can’t leave me. 


I went grocery shopping to bring home food for my family so we could have a family dinner. As I was checking out and saw my face on a missing person’s poster. 


After a long day I couldn’t wait to go to bed in my own apartment, but when I woke up someone was next to me. I live alone. 


As I awoke the next morning I rolled over and reached for my dog. I didn’t feel fur, I felt skin. 


I just had to dispose of the body which couldn’t be that hard. After all who suspects an old woman of murder.