Women Empowerment’s First Field Trip

Have you ever been to the DIA? Women’s Empowerment Club has. As their first ever field trip, WEC made their way to Detroit for a day of looking at art, learning about history, and having fun. The reason the club went to this awesome museum is to see a special exhibit- something called “By Her Hand”. This was a showcase of art specifically by women artist, and was out in celebration of women’s history month. Here’s what some club member had to say about the art they saw:

Hannah Lancaster: “There was a tiny door that my group and I walked through. It really made me examine life and perspective in art.”

Armando Valentin: “I really liked the old Renaissance paintings”

Angela Najor: “I really enjoyed looking through all of the cultural exhibits. They showed a lot of representation of a ton of different types of art. There was so much variety.”

Anna Sulewski:  “I had a really good time and it was an amazing experience.”

Youana Azer: “The DIA was a gorgeous and fun experience.”

Below are some of our favorite art pieces: