Things Unsaid

Things Unsaid

       Since a very young age, many girls have been exposed to horrific things from some men. Sexual Assault, harassment, and even mental and physical abuse. I asked females if they have ever been harassed in anyway, and if they have how did it make them feel and what did they do. Every person had something to say. I took their words and created a type of poem.  


I was walking through a parking lot while men whistled at me 

It made me walk faster and forget how to breathe 

I came home that night and showered again and again 

And still didn’t feel clean 

That was the first time 

When I was thirteen 

Now it’s so normal I just look the other way 

There’s just never an escape  


I was in school when a boy had slapped my a** 

I just stood there and let him walk back to class 

No repercussions would have taken place anyway 

Boys just get a free pass 


I had a guy crop a picture of my face and make it his profile pic 

He made a fake number for me and somehow made everyone believe it 

He told people we had f***ed, and I had sucked 

His “massive” di** 

My mom told me it was because he had a little crush 

Well, he was considered a family friend, so I was forced to forgive him 


A male teacher stuck his hand up my friend’s skirt and called it “science” then walked away 

We were repulsed and disgusted 

We don’t wear skirts or nice dresses to school anymore 

Not since that day 


I went to a sleepover where a boy kept putting his hands on me 

but I brushed it off as friendly 

Then later that night 

He shoved his hand in between my thighs 

I was stuck, I felt paralyzed 

I was eleven and he was an eighteen-year-old guy 

I never said anything because I was scared that it was my fault 

That I had done something wrong


I had a guy tell me I was ugly just because he wanted to have a little bit of fun 

It made me feel horrible and pathetic  

That’s when I become self-conscious about how I looked 

Now the make up on my face is for everyone 


I had a guy grab me and squeeze me like I was some toy of his 

I tried to push him off and he had the nerve to ask for a kiss 

Now I always avoid men 

I was fourteen and innocent 


When I was four or five my older male cousin stuck his fingers inside me 

I was scared so I pretended to be asleep  

I’ve felt violated and dirty ever since 

And I’ve never told anyone before, not even my family 

I’ll never feel clean 


I went to let my dog outside 

That’s when he came up behind 

He grabbed my a** and wrapped his disgusting arms around my body 

My friend came over and then he let me leave  

I just acted like everything was fine 

But how many other girls weren’t as lucky? 

How many others needed some sort of saving? 


I was at a store when I felt someone’s hands grab my boobs  

I felt his hot breath on my neck, and I was scared to move 

Well then, he pushed me forward and I was thankful he took off 

But I’ll never forget that pervy smile he flashed my way  

I don’t go places alone anymore 

He took that privilege away 


I had a guy spread my knees apart and force himself on me 

Ever since then I’ve felt a piece of me missing  

I can’t sleep sometimes 

I get flashes that pop into my head besides the broken sleep 

I told my parents about what happened, and want to know what they asked me? 

They asked me what I wore 

Because that would have changed things 

I guess being raped, classifies me as a wh*** 


I was walking to one of my college classes and realized I wasn’t alone 

I swung myself around with a knife in my hand 

He lunged towards me and backed off once he saw  

I’m lucky I had some sort of plan 

He’s just a sorry excuse of a man 


During my childhood I’ve always had boys pull my hair 

I was told it was because they like me  

Well, if I was to pull their hair, I would get yelled at for not having common sense 

How is that the world we live in? 

Maybe we should teach the boys  

So, they can have a chance at being decent men 


I was in a relationship with this guy 

He would tell me how much he loved me and all that sh** 

Well then, I was out of the relationship  

And looked back at all the toxic things he did 

I trusted him 

I hate that I trust him 


When I was eleven years old, I was followed by some man 

He kept trying to talk to me 

He asked for my Instagram 

I was eleven! I didn’t even have Instagram 


I had this guy who was all over me 

I kept pushing him off and he just wouldn’t stop 

So, I walked myself home 

In the dark 

He pushed me that far 


When I was only five 

This seventeen-year-old guy  

Thought it would be the funniest thing to pull down his pants 

And flash me 

Because that’s what a five-year-old needs to see 




“It’s not a good feeling. It makes you feel disgusted with yourself and hate your body. It makes you wonder why am I this way that boys feel the need to do whatever they want with us? And no, it’s not about what we are wearing. It’s about how they feel the need that they own our bodies like we are b******. It’s the worst feeling in the world, and you feel alone.”