For the Stars

For the dear and precious things up above

the little holes within the dark blanket named the night,

I adore you and hate you all at once

the admiration you recieve from earthlings

yet it feels only I resent you.


The brightness you reflect onto us from the night sky

so similar to that of light reflecting from a tear drop,

one of which from the very eye shone with admiration

yet again for you and you only.


The stars, you were named yet, you are simply an imprinted design

on a dark blanket covering our world, our light.

I despise you stars, for everything.

I despise you with my whole being.


I wish for the admiration in my loved ones eyes

to be aimed towards me and me only.

Why shall a small dot within the night

recieve the attention of the people I love.


I’m a hypocrite.

I claim I despise you

Hate you with my whole being

yet I too am so hypnotized

by your magnificent beauty.


Your beauty, love, and attention

that I strive, long, to have.


To the stars up above,

I wish to be as perfect as you.


For the stars in heaven,

do I wish nothing but for your exquisiteness

to remain and grow.