Reading Month


March has arrived yet again, therefore meaning that Reading Month is back and better than ever. Usually when people think about reading, they usually think of just paper with ink on it, nothing too important, just a waste of time. But this year our school is making it different. March Reading Month for our school will be just like how it normally is, but with a little twist.

Dakota as well as Chippewa are of course well known for being “rivals” mainly because we are the two most popular schools in the state and the Chippewa Valley School District. So, our librarian, Ms. Groppuso, decided to make it so that we had a friendly little competition with Chippewa that included reading. Each week of March, students are and will be encouraged to check out a book from the Media Center, by doing so, each book checked out by a student adds to the total number of books checked out for the week, therefore increasing our chance to win for that specific week of March. Every Monday at the beginning of the week, it is revealed which school won the total amount of books checked out from their library for the week. Now, you may be wonder, what is the point in dong this? Any prize? Well yeah, there is a trophy that the school who gets the most week won, wins. But this, is just a school to school thing. There is much more.

Students who also check out a book from the library are not only contributing to that but, are also entered into a raffle for a $100 Barnes & Noble gift card. With approximately half the school entering the library on a daily basis, majority of that population checks out a book. Through this, it means that a lot of people are in this raffle to win this prize, some not even doing it intentionally. The winner of this, will be revealed at the end of the moth. So yeah, the library has a lot of exciting things just for the sake of Reading Month. A little school to school competition, student prize raffle, and not to mention the book fair the school is holding at Barnes & Noble itself!

So, if you’re somewhat of a fan of books and also love a little competition, be sure to check out a book from our library in order to help us win the trophy for March is Reading Month and maybe even get a chance to win a $100 gift card too!