Wayne Pascall

The Art of Writers Block

My mind is blank. As soon as I sit down and get ready to start writing, all my ideas and thoughts disappear. I struggle to put words on paper or type them out.

I can very well, easily come up with ideas from out of my strange yet unique mind. Yet every time I go to write it down so that I won’t forget, I forget. Words come easily to me when I don’t think. Ideas just pop out of nowhere and I wish to write them down before I forget, but paper is usually out of reach.

I steal. I steal words. My mind works like a machine. I read, steal the words from a story and scramble them up to make one of my own. My ideas, all made from my this jumbled up thing called my mind. I steal. All I do is steal. Words, ideas, and pieces of life. My stories, contain characters with flaws, strengths, looks, personality, and all characteristics of certain people that I have come across in life. I steal and analyze. I look at a person and pick them out. Their flaws, strengths, looks, everything. All of that just to build a world or a person with no absolute existence except within my mind. One of my characters might contain one of those characteristics that you have, is inspired by real-life people all the way to the tiny cells in its hair.

I zone out a lot. But that’s only because I’m thinking. Staring into space is what gets me thinking these random ideas. That’s how I came up with this article. I think and think and think and think. My mind works like a machine. A never-ending cycle of ideas and thoughts that have either failed or succeeded. It never ends. My mind is filled to the brim with ideas from both the past and present that are either in the works, forgotten, or shoved away and never to be brought up again. Too many stories made, all of them mixed together and jumbled up within my head to the point in which two different things become one. That’s why writing is something I love.

Writing is the process of emptying the mind. And it causes me great stress when I have an idea yet cannot think of a proper layout to write it in. Writer’s block is my worst enemy. It leaves you feeling so unmotivated and bored, which therefore leaves me thinking in order to pass the time, filling my brain up with more random ideas and then not being able to write them down. Like I said, a never-ending cycle. The only time my thoughts are put on hold are when I’m asleep, but dreams are a figment of one’s imagination turned into moving pictures in your head and waking up after a good one leaves you thinking why you had it.

I struggle with writer’s block. Almost every writer or person who creates has a moment in their life where they cannot come up with a way to actually put in the effort to fully create it. Artists struggle with ideas on what to paint or draw. Writers with the plot of a book or story they want to create. Builders lost on how the layout of their next big build should look like. Writer’s block is just a block in the imagination. A block preventing you from creating and have the motivation to do so. Writer’s block, as I have just given proof for, isn’t just something that writers experience. It is the “art” of actually just thinking as an artist without creating something.

I have had those blocks within my imagination ever since I could conjure up ideas and create work. I struggle to write because I simply cannot. I wish to, but my mind and body both don’t have the motivation to do so. Makes me feel that the idea I had in the first place was worthless and give up on hope with actually writing it down, leaving it to never be brought up again. Writers block for me is, like I said before, my worst enemy. I strive to be productive and do my best when working or creating things, and this block preventing me from actually committing to that work makes me feel lazy and unproductive.

But writers block isn’t an excuse that most people thing writers and artists use when they don’t feel like working. As a person who loves writing and wants to include it into my future career, I believe that we (writers and artists) don’t need an excuse or a reason to not do what we do. A block within the imagination and from creating things is the one thing I dread, not an excuse to escape doing work. If I don’t feel like drawing or painting or writing, then I simply won’t. But a creative burnout/block is not being lazy. It’s just your imagination being overworked. The only way for me, and I suggest if others struggle with it too, that you let it go away with time.