Our Little World


Art by Dani LeRose

Okay, you could say I’ve had a sort of epiphany. Is that what you call it? When some random thought or unknown fact occurs in your mind. Well, I wouldn’t really call it unknown, I mean there are times where people have actually realized that our world isn’t as big as its described.

If you really think about it, it’s kind of shocking. The thought makes you feel tiny, but also gives you some sense of pride. We’re one tiny planet in a whole universe with so many other planets that we’ve discovered that are light years away from us. When you really think about it, it truly makes you feel proud that you’ve accomplished so much, not just you as a person but the whole world.

To think that billions of years ago, the Earth was just a planet of water with one huge continent filled with dinosaurs and now here we are. A planet filled with people, billions of people, who have created these beautiful inventions and such advanced technology. To think that we, ages ago, were once caveman just discovering what fire was and trying to survive in a world of dinosaurs, are now people who rely on technology to survive and get along with life. What I said before about this thought giving you some sense of pride, it’s true because when you really think about it, we not only as people but as a whole entire planet filled with billions of us, have evolved so much to the point where we’ve accomplished so much. Yet somehow still find the need to accomplish more. Feel the that we have somehow accomplished nothing.

It’s amazing. Cause if you truly think about it, you are one person. Whether you are male, female, non-binary, anything! It’s actually pretty cool that you’re alive and able to live in this moment where you are one person who’s accomplished so much in such a huge universe. Accomplished so much while living in this small world. It really shows a lot.  And if it makes you feel like you’re tiny and worthless then you’re wrong. What I’m basically trying to say is that you, as one person have accomplished so much in such a small world.

From the invention of the light bulb, to full on electricity, to discovering how to build rockets in order to fly the first man to the moon. If the world has achieved so much in your eyes, then a little bit of that, just a little bit, is what you should take credit for. It’s just like saying how if you do the right thing, you’d make a big difference. If it’s like that for doing something good, then your achievements definitely matter, no matter how small they are.

Even in such a large universe, the tiny things matter. I bet that if you were to be watching over it all, you’d see how tiny the Earth is, how precious it is. Our world is small, but it matters so much.