Hero, Not Killer

Hero, Not Killer

My name is Brendon Harris, I am responsible for 37 murders and caused 3 fatal car crashes. I’m on the run, but I’m tired and want to stop running, so I’m writing this to get my story out there. To make sure my name is known and to answer two of everyone most asked questions. How did I get here? What were my motives? This is my story, my last attempt to make you understand how your society ruined me. Also, people wonder if I feel guilty for the lives I’ve taken, I don’t.  

The world is a dirty place, the people, the environment, everything about this world is disgusting. The only place that is clean, pure, untouched by the disease of the living world is heaven. I don’t kill monsters, criminals, abusers, no they get to stay on this disgraceful planet, a place with a lack of respect and honor. The people I kill are good, pure. I want them to escape this planet, this society without being touched by the disease. I want them to go to a morally clean place away from here. I’m their hero. 

Watching how humans treat other humans, disgusting, like everyone is less than compared to oneself. They kill each other, they harass, they abuse, they lie, they cheat, they manipulate, they bully, they shame, disgusting. The people that I love don’t deserve that. The good people who don’t defend themselves don’t deserve to be treated like that or live in a world where people like that co-exist. I give them away out. I let them out. I help them in a way they can’t understand yet.  

Remember me as a hero, not some criminal. I stay on this terrible, beat-up earth to free others who don’t deserve to live there. I kill people I like the people who are good that do-good things. They don’t deserve this hell. Those are my motives, that’s why I kill. 

I remember growing up, attending school, and seeing how terrible humans truly are. Watched good people get bullied: made fun of, laughed at. The evil in the eyes of the students partaking in this treatment of the good and pure. They deserve this world, and everything that comes with it, while their victims are helpless sheep, trying desperately to outrun the hungry wolves chasing them. I’m the farmer protecting the sheep and putting them into a safe pristine environment, away from those annoying wolves always nipping at them.  

I’m not a killer, I’m a hero, nothing more nothing less. I’m doing God’s work for him, fixing his mistakes of leaving the pure down here to rot with the evil and corrupted. 

Hero, not killer.