50 Things I Like About You

50 Things I Like About You

26. Your creativity

27. How you light up every room you enter

28. Your strength

29. You always know what to say

30. How you look good everyday

31. You are perfect just the way you are

32. You are beautiful inside and out

33. Your progress (now and in the past)

34. How much you’ve grown over the years.

35. Your independence

36. Your decisiveness

37. You probably give the best hugs

38. You probably have my dream closet

39. There are thousands of people out there you find you attractive (what a flex)

40. The way you comfort people

41.  Your probably a great listener

42. Your manners

43. You seem to really know who you are

44. Your random but awesome  ideas

45. How you make a difference

46. Your hobbies (they might be fun)

47. How organized you are (or disorganized)

48. How you don’t hide your emotions around the people you love

49. When your happy

50. You