10 years of Twin Fantasy


Alex Boesch

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Cigarettes in the Snow
December 9, 2021

10 years ago, in the small town of Leesburg, PA; Will Toledo would release Twin Fantasy, the 6th studio album by Car Seat Headrest.  

Released on November 2nd, 2011, Twin Fantasy is a sprawling double LP that follows Will through his own fantasy. Completely written in his bedroom and recorded in the back of his car, Twin Fantasy deals with the themes of falling in love with the idea of someone, and the eventual falling out that follows. The lo-fi nature of the recording only adds to the raw emotions that are apparent in the original version of the album. Tracks like “Bodys” or “High to Death” both revolve around themes of isolation and shallow friendships.  

The album gained major traction after release, with Car Seat Headrest becoming one of the biggest bands on Bandcamp. Will would go on to self-release Monomania (2011), Nervous Young Man (2012), and finally How to Leave Town (2014). The success of these records would eventually lead into the next phase of Car Seat Headrest.  

After signing to Matador Records in 2015, Car Seat Headrest would completely remake Twin Fantasy in 2018. This wasn’t just a remastering, but a full-on remake. Lyrics were changed, entire verses added, and entire songs were reworked. The band also changed since 2011, Will was no longer in high school, but now was a full-fledged rock star. The Band had also expanded to include other members than Will, with drummer Andrew Katz, guitarist Ethan Ives, and Bassist Seth Dably.  The band was different, more mature now and a remake of their cult classic seemed like a natural step for the band. It was something they felt they had to do.  

Twin Fantasy (Face to Face) was critically acclaimed upon release, with the Needle Drop’s Anthony Fantano giving it a 9 on his 10-point scale. The album would become THE DEFINITIVE Car Seat Headrest album. A completely new take on a classic album by an older, more experienced band. Car Seat Headrest had come into their own.