Lovejoy’s Second EP

Lovejoys Second EP

On October 14th, the English band Lovejoy released their second EP titled “Pebble Brain”. It consists of 7 songs, all of which are certified bops™.  

The tracks go as follows: 

Oh Yeah, You Gonna Cry? 

Model Buses 



You’ll Understand When You’re Older 

The Fall 

It’s All Futile! It’s All Pointless! 

The album was originally said to be released by the end of September, but was then teased to be released on October 6th, then pushed back again to the 14th. Lovejoy members Wilbur Soot- the lead singer and guitarist, Joe Goldsmith-guitarist, Ash Kabosu-bassist, and Mark Boardman-drums, teased the album name and song names weeks before its release on their Twitter profiles creating even more hype for the fans. And thankfully, the album did not disappoint.  

The band first debuted May 10th, 2021 with their first EP titled “Are You Alright?” with four songs titled Cause for Concern, Sex Sells, One Day, and Taunt. Front man Wilbur Soot says that he hopes to have a third, smaller EP out by the end of the year. But for now, band member Mark Boardman is posting behind the scenes of Pebble Brain and their trip to the Isle of Wight on his TikTok and Youtube @MarkBoardman, and Wilbur Soot plans to stream acoustic versions live on his Twitch channel @WilburSoot, as well as give fans sneak peaks at what his band has been working on.