Special Feature: Two-Sentence Horror Stories


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Screaming ghost faces

Dakota’s own Creative Writing I course, led by the amazing and inspiring Mrs. Sobota, produced some exceptionally creepy two-sentence horror stories to delight and terrify. Check out some of the best contributions below to help get into the “spirit” of Spooky Season.

  1. Your arms cradle around my shivering body as you coo words I cannot comprehend. My ears and eyes bleed as I know a mortal like me is not supposed to commune with a being like you. (Airiel Hall) 
  2. “Hey there neighbor,” a good-looking man waved with a friendly smile; he must’ve just moved in, he seemed nice. That was until I looked over and saw a girl screaming for help in the window of his old pickup truck. -Meadow Forst 
  3. Swimming in the lake always had made me feel at ease. It was nice until I was dragged under and was actually put at ease. -Kathryn Old 
  4. Every night I fall asleep to a dog licking my hand. But I don’t have a dog. – Bianca Cabarios 
  5. All alone in the cabin in the woods, the man tries to sleep. There’s a knock on the door. -Peter Bendzinski
  6.  I’ve always believed in the grim reaper, and that’s why I do it. I don’t care how many people die; I will see him one day. – Grace Daniel 
  7. The doors creak, the windows shatter, but my heart remains the same. My eyes close, the world darkens, but the boogieman remains the same. -Selena Paolucci 
  8. When she told me she was going to leave me I panicked, I can’t imagine living a life without her. That’s when I realized… if we died together, I wouldn’t have to live without her.      -Lily Jarnac 
  9. I wake up not being able to move, and see someone standing in the doorway… I try to scream but nothing will come out, so I close my eyes and try to go back to bed, hoping it was all a dream. When I open my eyes again there’s a knife placed on my neck & I feel hot breath on me. – Lillian Aude
  10. “I wanted Chick-Fil-A. It was Sunday.” – Ella Pulst
  11. “Good night sweetie,” I told my daughter as I tucked her into bed and set her favorite doll up with the others. I realized that she had left her blanket in the kitchen, so I went to get it and when I came back to her room, the doll was now standing in front of my daughter’s unconscious body. – Juliana Currie
  12. I went to my boyfriend’s house with the gift I bought for him, and I found him on the couch with his neck slashed and limbs dismembered, just like I left him. “Happy Valentine’s Day,” I smiled and pulled out the shovel I bought just for him. -Alyssa Zerilli
  13.  I bent down and spit my mouth wash into the sink. I looked up in the mirror and I saw her cold, ghostly corpse hovering next to me, no eyes, broken neck. – Evan Wehler
  14. I woke up in the middle of the night to a strange noise that sounded from downstairs. After exploring, I found the front door open, with footprints in the snow and drops of blood that led to the basement… Itunu Olagbaiye
  15. I come running into my son’s room as he screams, “There’s a monster under my bed! There’s a monster under my bed!” I quickly check under the bed, and to my surprise, my son is laying under the bed with his hands over his mouth and tears rolling down his cheeks. -Christopher Kozlowski
  16. Morgan Smith-I was so excited that my daughter Eliza was about to speak, plus I’ve always believed that she was more perfect than my other daughter Shelly. However, I freaked out when Eliza spoke in Shelly’s voice, asking me, “Mom, why did you kill me?”I heard a child’s voice saying, “The man in the corner is scaring me.” I lived alone and didn’t have any kids. (Daria Okruta)
  17. At 3:15 in the morning, while driving to my aunt’s house, secluded in the woods across town, I looked through the rearview mirror. What I saw was a clown with blank white eyes, and a viciously shark-like grin, in the seat behind me. (Zoie White)
  18. I felt my skin tear, all red, like fingernails being dug into my head. The feeling of me being dead starts roaming in my head; I look in the mirror to realize my skin has been been ripped into shreds while more than 1000 mice lay in my bed. (Angelina Samuel)
  19. The house was quite nice and full of portraits. As I walked in more, I realized the portraits are all of me, each with a more gruesome state than the last. (Nadia Bednar).
  20. Wandering throughout the dark forest, and hearing sounds. I followed the sounds to see myself making them. -Cassidee Bolton
  21. It was cold, dark, and lonely down here. I wish I was cremated instead.
  22. I always wondered why the meat at this restaurant tasted so funny. Until I saw that the head chef was arrested for murder. – Ella Goy
  23. Alone on the back of the bus sat a man, or what the bus driver that thought to be a man.
  24. “Hey honey, can you go grab the flashlight from the basement- the power’s out!” Rifling through the boxes I finally find a beaten up one, and I turn it on only to see my mother dripping from head to toe in blood behind me. – Emma Payne
  25. I heard screaming from the room next to me. When I went over, I saw a woman with blood on her shirt… and my head in her hands. –Nate Robinson.