Customer Service Horror Stories Vol. 2

Customer Service Horror Stories Vol. 2

Story one: “Do You Come with The Delivery?” -submitted by anonymous  

It was a Friday night, and the calls were dying down. There was this regular that called every single night right at 9:30. We close at 10, so usually the grill is already cleaned, and everything is put away. 9:30 hits and he calls. I picked up the phone he ordered steak and cheese and four large fries for delivery. Everyone is already mad that we have to clean the grill again, but we already knew he was going to call. I told him it would be 40 minutes. He then said, “oh you sound cute.” I immediately got uncomfortable and tried to laugh it off and maintain my customer service voice trying to get him to hang up the phone. He asks me “Do you come with the delivery?” I laugh awkwardly and keep trying to keep a polite voice through the conversation. I then hear a women’s voice in the background and then the customer says, “oh shoot my wife is here, got to go, see you in 40 Shawty” and the phone disconnects and that is the end of that conversation. 

Story two: “getting punched at work” -submitted by anonymous 

My coworker and I were the only ones working the dock on memorial weekend. It was non-stop canoes and, this one guy was intoxicated, and it was obvious and in the sun all day ranting and yelling about something and wouldn’t leave the dock. When I told him I needed him to move so I could move the canoe and he just kept yelling no and telling me to shut the f*** up before he hits me. He ends up getting hit in the head by the boat and starts threatening me. Next thing I know I got punched in the gut and my coworker gets the guy out of the way but has in the car leaving by the time we get our manager. Our manager flagged him down and told him he was never welcome back and if he came back, he would be forcefully removed  

Story three: “You have an athletic build” -submitted by anonymous 

This grown man makes me walk all over the store to get him sauce and some more sauce as he is standing behind the barrier where he can see my butt. He’s not supposed to be back behind the barrier, and he keeps asking me questions like “do you play soccer?” I say no. He’s looking me up and down saying “you’ve got an athletic build” with that comment I ran to the back and just say there like “I’m 17”. 

Story four: “sexual harassment at work “-submitted by anonymous 

My coworker and I are down at the dock waiting for boats to show up. It’s only about 4-5 in the afternoon and these girls showed up to the dock absolutely having way too much to drink. They have a canoe and a kayak, and my coworker called on bringing in the kayak because it is lighter so I’m stuck waiting for the canoe to float in. I pull them up and they go flying forward they both have no balance. I got both on me now after pulling them up. The girl in front of me just stares at me for a second and says, “oh you’re so strong” and proceeds to grope me. It catches me by surprise so I quickly jump back I’m not sure what to do so I just grab the kayak to the trailer I go back down to the dock and the other girl who was in the canoe asked how they could tip us. My coworker pointed to the tip box we had set up but instead the intoxicated girls decided to flash my coworker and I and we both quickly look away. I start to the trailer to finish loading the boats the first girl that groped me does it again when my back is turned, and I drop the trailer and boats onto my leg.