Top 10 Halloween Movies To Watch This Halloween


Edessa Calles

Top 10 Halloween movies to watch 

  • Scary Movie- by Keenen ivory Wayans, “It’s just a funny Halloween movie.” K.T 
  • A Nightmare Before Christmas – directed by Henry Selick, “It’s a perfect family movie.” E.C 
  • Halloweentown- directed by Duwayne Dunham, “It reminds me of my sister and it scares me.” B.C 
  • Trick r Treat- Michael Dougherty, “it’s a collection of short stories and I love the main character Sam.” L.H 
  • Silence Of The Lambs- directed by Jonathan Demme, “I just love the psychological horror aspect, it gets you on the edge of your seat.” L.H 
  • Spooky Buddies-directed by Robert Vince, “I really like the ghost dog.” L.H 
  • Corpse Bride- by Tim Burton “Because it really speaks to me and its relatable. It an all-around movie.” L.H 
  • Hocus Pocus-directed by Kenny Ortega, “Those are some baaaaad witches.” anonymous  
  • Nightmare of Elm Street-by Wes craven, “It’s just a good Halloween movie.” 
  • IT-by Andres Muschietti, “It’s a movie you can watch on repeat without getting tired of it.” K.C