50 Things I Like About You

Pt. 1

50 Things I Like About You

Everyone and everything in the world is beautiful in their own way. Whether it be their looks, personality, or their whole person overall. So to our readers at who’ve been reading our stories, boy or girl or non- binary, here are 50 Thing I Like About You.

1. Your smile

2. Your eyes

3. Your hair

4. Your personality

5. Your Humor

6. The way you make people around you laugh

7. Your brilliant mind

8. Your cool ideas

9. Your talent (whatever it is, everyone has one)

10. Your sense of style

11. The way your laugh sounds

12. Your passion

13. Your ability to love

14. Your courage (you’ve gone through so much to get here today!!)

15. Your positivity (when you are positive)

16. Your kindness

17. Your loyalty

18. You’re caring

19. The unique stories you share

20. When you talk about things you’re passionate about!!

21. The way you inspire people

22. The way you make people around you smile (even though you don’t know or see)

23. Your silliness

24. The way you listen to a conversation even when it’s about a topic you hate.

25. Your intelligence