What’s The New Black ?

How To Catch Up On The Latest Trends

You should catch up on the latest trends of this coming up fall.

Now that the  Kylie Jenner lip challenge is gone there have been a lot more SAFE trends on the rise.   Everyone been talking about the unordinary eyebrows. The latest wavy ,feather , and barbed wire brows have been the most talked about trend on the internet.

Eyebrows aren’t the only thing that’s taken the internet by storm. It’s….HAIR, the latest  rebel hair trend is making its way to the red carpet. The cute platinum blonde pixie cut is making its way on everyone screen. Celebrity like  Zoe Kravitz, Cara Delevinge, Kristen Stewart, Taraji, and Katy Perry are wearing this cool edgy hair cut.

Don’t forget  about the latest outfit trends. If you don’t have a bodysuit then ,what are you doing with your life? Bodysuits are the new trends that everyone must have. Bodysuits can go with every and any outfits. So if you don’t have one now finish reading this , then go out and buy one now.

Now that’s fall is here and winter is next, you must go to the mall and get a Bomber Jacket. That’s right, bomber jackets are back in style. If you haven’t heard about the bomber jackets making a come back then you must be living under a rock. If you asking why need a bomber its because a bomber jackets can make any basic outfit look dope.