Camp Tamarack!

On September 19th of 2017 3 leadership classes held by Mrs. Young took on Camp Tamarack. It was an adventurous experience and I believe it has to have been the best event to kick off the start of our student leadership classes. To start off camp tamarack is located in Ortonville, MI almost an hour from Macomb. Camp Tamarack is known to be a Jewish summer camp where they help kids develop into their best selves, make Judaism fun and meaningful, be respectful, gain financial ability and value and celebrate each person; everyone is important.

When we first stepped foot on camp tamarack we got off the bus and immediately mentors approached us with open arms, we split into groups based on our colors that Mrs. Young split us up in. Our mentor which was Tiana for our group started off by leading us to a private spot with our group and we first began with playing numerous games and I definitely would have to say every game was a challenge and we started out very rough but at the end of it all we gained one thing that we didn’t have in the beginning which was…communication. I would have to say  I really did enjoy myself and everyone apart of the “Green Group”. I really recommend this camp to any and everyone!