My Rating On Squid Game

⚠️Spoiler Warning & Content Advisory⚠️


Squid Game Poster

This past week, with some school work in the way, I was able to watch the newly popular Netflix series, Squid Game. A fictional series made and taking place in South Korea were the contestants are deeply in debt and play children’s games in order to win a cash prize. The only bad thing is that those who lose, are eliminated.

So far, I am currently writing this on October 5, 2021 and I have left off the series on episode 5. Though I did spoil most of it for myself there are a lot of scenes that surprised me. So, before I let you in on my chaotic opinions and emotions, here is a really quick warning if you are planning on watching the series:

  1. This article may contain some spoilers on the series.
  2. The series is rated TV-MA so watch at your own risk. It contains smoking, alcohol, foul language, a lot of blood and some gore, and a diddly do scene…
  3. The characters and the actors… just watch at your own risk because you might faint at their hotness, especially when Mister Hwang Jun-ho comes on screen.
  4. A lot of death and depression. You might get attached to the characters (*cough cough* Ali Abdul) so try not to and if you do, then prepare for the worst.

Review on the first 4 Episodes:

Overall, once you start the show, you get really hook. One thing leads to another, and then the next thing you know, you grow attached to them and call them your children even though they are older than you… So, episode 1, amazing. The way they started it off by showing the main characters struggles leading up to him joining the game is just perfect, but it is also when everything goes down for the whole show. Even though I spoiled like the whole show for myself, the action scenes and events leading up to the first game “Red Light, Green Light“, is just so shocking.

October 7th 2021- So last night, I finally was able to continue the show once again and left off on Episode 7. Lets just say that… I’m in so much pain emotionally. Those poor and pure characters’ deaths, they made my hysterically cry last night and I’m still upset about it.

October 8th 2021- Once again, I watched it, and left off on Episode 9 so I’m almost done with the show. And once again started hysterically crying to yet another important characters death. (Spoiler) I hate Sang-woo with a deep and burning passion. He is the reason why I am now in pain because of their deaths. And like I said before, I did spoil most of it so, therefore I knew and still know who dies, but I didn’t know their deaths would hurt this bad. So, to show how much pain and how much this show is destroying me emotionally, here is photo of me crying like a child 🙂

October 11th 2021- (Spoilers) So, it’s no surprise that I cried again. The very last episode, which I watched on Friday night, was just shocking. THE PLOT TWIST?! Never saw that coming and became emotional during the last game and the hospital scene. I hate the fact that I cried a little during Sang-Woo’s death, but it was somewhat of a little redemption for him because he was guilty for all he did. Still hate him, but he is slightly forgiven.

Overall, if you’re an emotional person, this show will scar you emotionally, and if you aren’t an emotional person, then that’ll change afterwards. Just watch at your own risk and try not to get attached to the characters because you will be in so much emotional pain afterwards. So that’s my rating on Squid Game. This is just my opinion so please don’t cancel me…