Interested in Writing?

If you are a fan of writing you came to right place! Dakota has a writing club. The writing club meets every Wednesday after school from 2:20 until 3:20 in room 225. During writing club you can make a lot of new friends and find one of your hidden talents, writing! The activities that are expressed are writing about a new prompt every week, some weeks you will have free write, and creating new friends of course! Talking with the head of the club, Katelyn Hill, I have learned so much more than I knew and it is totally a lot of fun. Katelyn told me “Each week we create a new prompt to write about and last year we had prompt dice. You have two dice and you would roll them to find out what your prompt would be. I have a lot of fun in this club”. If you have any questions you are welcome to contact Mrs. Sarver, the supervisor of the club.