October 31st.


“It’s not my fault Julian had it coming, you don’t know what he put me through!” I screamed. “Anthony Topez, you have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law. You have the right to an attorney.” In school I was often known as a quiet kid. That never bothered me before. I liked being by myself, it is just school, and I have never had a huge group of friends. I do not go to parties or major events; it is just not my scene although it is not like I even get invited to them but that is beside the point. It really was just a normal day for me at Far Lake High School until one faithful day Julian Hender, the stereotypical high school bully, decided to pick me to be his source of humor. I was normally able to just ignore him because he was just one of the kids who peaked in high school and thought he was all that, but today he did the unthinkable. He made me a joke in front of the whole school by one simple post to snapchat, how did he do that? You may ask, let me tell you just how he did. He waited outside my parking spot behind the half wall that leads you to the school and with the help of a few of his knucklehead friends he set a trap. As soon as I stepped out of my car down came a bucket full of glue right on me. Then to make sure this day got worse he dumped feathers and glitter all over me and all my belongings. I wish that were the end his friends and him then took pictures and videos of me and posted them all over snapchat and everyone that was at Far Lake on the terrible day of October 27th saw me, humiliated. 

This was it I had it with Julian and his sidekicks constantly pushing me around and getting away with it. I began to figure out a way to get Julian out of my life for good… I needed to cover my identity first, I am not a fool I have seen how people get caught in the shows and I was not about to be that stupid. I picked my day of Halloween night everyone will be in costumes anyway so they will not be able to identify me I just needed a costume that would cover my face and anything that might be used to identify me as the perpetrator. As usual Julian was throwing his big Halloween party at his house and as usual, I was not invited. I decided to go in a scream costume as I figured it would over my whole body and my face so I could not be identified. 

 Finally, October 31st rolled around, and I had what I needed to get into the party. I had my costume, but I replaced the end of my reaper blade that was plastic and switched it out with an actual blade that would be how I killed him. I would be doing the whole school of Far Lake a favor, Julian tormented everyone at school of all grade levels from first-year students to other seniors. It’s not like anyone would really miss him anyway. 

I arrived at his house, it’s huge just as I would expect it to be. He has these over-the-top decorations staged as a haunted house. When I got there everyone was dancing and seemed to be having a fun time, but I only had my eyes set on finding Julian, I wanted him gone and I was going to accomplish it one way or another. As I make my way through the thick crowd of sweaty, dancing teens who are all too focused on who they are dancing with or who’s cheating on who to notice me as I walk. I wondered about the house for a while, unable to find Julian. “Where is he” I think to myself. Right then I bump into Julian and knock some drinks out of his hand, and they spill all over the place on me, on him, all over the floor. I do not say anything, I just turn around and start to walk away. Julian and I are in the back room like a prep room in his mansion.  

I’m second guessing myself this was a stupid idea I should just go home and forget about it. My mind quickly changes as when I start to walk away Julian yells “Hey, come back here and clean this up I swear to God, I want you out of my house now or I swear I will beat you so no one can even recognize you, let me see who are take off your mask huh, scared to take your mask off.” I have never felt a more intense anger in my life, it was like I blacked out. I remember fragments of it I walked up slowly to him and with one motion I hit him square in the head with my blade. He drops. A pool of blood starts expanding from under him. I’m paralyzed, frozen, I cannot move even though I know I must run, but I cannot move. “OH MY GOD WHAT HAVE YOU DONE!” I recognized that voice, I turned slowly, and I saw Alyssa, Julian’s girlfriend, standing behind me. She takes off out of the room. I kneel next to Julian’s lifeless body, still warm. I hear sirens in the distance. I started running out of the house with Julian’s blood all over me, it’s too late. I got grabbed by two police officers. It’s over.