Taylor Swift Reclaims Her Voice in Music


Kara Smith, Entertainment

Underneath Taylor Swift’s beautiful music abilities, there has been an ongoing battle regarding her rights to own her music. She begins this fight against previous record label Big Machine Records, which she signed with when she first started music in 2005. Big Machine Records was then sold to Ithaca Holdings, a private-equity group owned by manager Scooter Braun. Once Scooter got a hold of these masters, he then sold them to Shamrock Holdings for $300 million in 2019. Since this occurred, Swift has now lost her rights to her old masters dating from 2006-2017. This includes her albums Taylor Swift, Fearless, Speak Now, Red, 1989, and Reputation. Since news of this took to the public, she has released her re-recording of her second album Fearless (Taylor’s Version) April 9th, 2021. Her next album that she announced to be released on November 19th is her fourth studio album Red. By re-recording her previous albums, she gets the rights to reclaim her masters by labeling these albums as Taylor’s Version.

Throughout this process, she has a tendency to drop “Easter eggs” and give her fans hints about future releases. Her relationship with her fans is unique and unlike many other big artists. Taylor was known for inviting her fans into her home and hanging out with them. This relationship she has built with her listeners has created a special bond during the years of her music career.

While Taylor Swift releases these new albums, she has been releasing bonus tracks that are “from the vault”. These extra tracks were written during the time period that the albums were released in. For albums Fearless TV and Red TV, she has posted the title of the bonus tracks on her social medias in a scrambled order- another way for her to have fun with her fans. After about a day, she releases the track list to her social medias to either confirm or deny the fan’s guesses. Taylor’s fanbase is especially unique because of their willingness and loyalty to Taylor.

Overall, Taylor Swift has expanded her music discography while keeping her fans on the edge of their seat. Although the process of her re-recordings will not be fast, it will be exciting to see what she does next. Taylor is an unpredictable artist that thrives on doing the unexpected. She changed herself from a small country artist into a pop superstar, and Taylor Swift’s drive for greatness is what keeps her innovative and popular. As she re-releases the next five albums, she will continue to surprise her audience and keep the Swifties entertained and excited for her next move.