The Waterfall Where The Cliffs Once Were


Diana Grimfort.

The renown “dead” wife of Griffin N. Ailmourn, the founder of the infamous abandoned town named after him.
Though I had already explained Griffin’s backstory and most of his life, not many people know the past of Diana Grimfort.

Diana, had grown up in an adorable little cottage. She had both her parents still alive and had her two siblings, so she was rarely alone most of her childhood. She had fun. Got along with her siblings, played pretend with them. But her parents hated her, so much. To the point in which they wouldn’t even accept her as their own daughter, because of her skin. It was unique, in fact she was unique. Her skin, the color of honey, with patches of honeycomb, pure and perfect making her just right. Therefore, explaining how Griffin had fallen for her so easily. She was extraordinary, but her parents thought differently. She, according to them, was the devil’s creation. So beautiful yet had used that as an advantage.

She had tried to make them happy, to make them accept her. But again, it was never enough. They still hated her. She was a curse, a curse created by them. So, they left, out of nowhere, right when she was at the ripe age of twelve. Just left her all alone in their cottage and never returned. So like she’d always been instructed to do, she went out to search for her family and had gotten lost within the woods 2 miles from their home. She couldn’t find a way out; couldn’t tell which direction she had come from.

Her parents had told her ghost stories, haunted ones in which always took place within the woods. Stories of werewolves and rabid dogs that would do anything for just a bite of flesh, especially the flesh of a young lost little girl. Which explains why she was scared for her life.

She gave up, couldn’t find her way back for a whole 2 hours. Her father, who had of course loved her dearly before her mother brain washed him, had taught her how to hunt and defend herself from any sort of creature lurking in the woods if she were to end up wandering off into them. So, she cried and cried, having that it had been years since she learned those skills and remembering that she was lost and no longer had a family. They had abandoned her, but she felt as if she had abandoned them. She didn’t even search the house to see that maybe they had been gardening. But she had freaked out, had woken up inside an empty house, and just ran out looking for them.

But it was strange… why should she worry about the two people who have created her yet treated her horribly because she was different. She realized this, had realized that even though her siblings loved her, her parents had the upper hand. Meaning that they didn’t look for her on purpose. So, she stood up and had created her own form and ways of hunting and defense. And she grew. Hunting and training, overall, just trying to survive. By the age of 19, she learned how to weave her own clothes and garments out of spider silk. She had lasted that long… 7 years with no human interaction.  And then the day came, the day in which she ran into Griffin.

He was a tall young man who seemed to be around 23-24 years of age. He was respectful and had been cautious having that 1) He never met a female before and 2) She was somewhat… lost like he was. She was in awe. Yes, she had seen a man before, she lived with two other boys in her home, but a man life Griffin, never. She was surprised. No! Intrigued. And so, they fell in love. He took her to the land near the cliffs in which he chose to build his town and they went on to build the first house which would of course be theirs to live in.

And time passed. Days, weeks, months, years. Diana had been by his side the whole time helping no matter what. But one question about their relationship that had never been brought up, was how exactly did he treat her? The answer, strange… It was said that one day he’d be happy and treat her well, and the next he was violent. It wasn’t just random mood swings or hormones; it was far worse than that. And the question had never been brought up because many assumed their relationship was perfect. Some say he treated her horribly later on, that the answers were just about there relationship during the “honeymoon faze”. So, now you’re probably thinking that Griffin might have pushed her off. Ice, it was ice that had caused her to fall. She slipped.

So back up to the beginning, how I said she was “dead”, well she’s not. She alive, and in very good health. Turns out there was a tree branch, that she held onto for dear life. She later found a way to climb down safely with her old training which did in fact come to use again. She walked for a couple of miles, and found a tree, cut it for some wood and made a cottage. She figured why not make herself comfortable since there was no way to get back to Griffin. But she was thankful there wasn’t one… Time passed again, days, weeks, moths, years all alone like she was before. And then she ran into some nomads, and the chief of course had fallen in love with her just like Griffin did.

And now she’s a mother, and the wife of a “tribe” chief with 3 kids, all of which are a mix of her and her husband. One with honey skin like hers, the other with skin like honeycomb, and the other just like her and her husband. So she’s happy now, he treated her better than anyone else. She didn’t miss her past at all if you’re wondering, she didn’t look back at all.