The Meadow Where The Town Once Was


Ailmourn was a well known town.
It’s people happy and healthy, with nothing in the world to worry about. No disease, no certain age where most would die. Everything was fine. The only thing that people had feared was letting their children out of their sight for they didn’t want them to wander too far out out to the “Grimfort Cliffs”.

You see, Ailmourn was well-known, but it wasn’t normal.
Starting with it’s location chosen by it’s found Griffin N. Ailmourn, who decided that it was wise to build a town near a dangerous cliff. There was also it’s people, who, at first glance may seem alright… but the longer you stay in that town with it’s people, you start to notice how strange they really are. How different they are.

The history of the founder is strange as well. Griffin N. Ailmourn was an intelligent young man who grew up in the middle of nowhere. No mother, no father, not a single person raised him his whole life. He didn’t go to school for he had no guardian to enroll him, which had caused many to wonder how he achieved the basics of survival without one ounce of education in him. Many had stated that, “If he was so intelligent, then why did he build the town right next to a cliff, why not in the grassy plains 2 miles away.” Well, Griffin had debated which land to choose. Had debated which land had better soil for crops, which had dangerous insects with infectious diseases. Turns out that the land near the cliff was more safer than a disease filled grass plain, which is strange because there was no way a person could identify if a bug is poisonous or not without basic science.

The whole life story of his was rather strange itself. Even more strange than the fact that, only two months after claiming the land near the cliffs for his town, he had met and fell in love with a huntress, who was known as Diana Grimfort, soon to be Diana Ailmourn. She was beautiful, they both were in fact, somewhat attractive. It was a shame that they never got married. It was said that a week before their wedding day, Diana had gone missing. Many had assumed that she finally snapped and ran away, others… claim that she… jumped. Then it was confirmed and Griffin had named the cliffs in honor of her. Diana also had a similar life story to that of Griffin. She grew up with no family, had to fend for herself and learn the ways of life.

But, no matter how much he had tried to honor her and forget about her, Griffin still couldn’t accept it. Even after decades had passed he still couldn’t believe that she was actually gone and had nothing to do to take his mind off of her besides building his town. One by one by one he built every house. All of them, made from his grief. By the time he had finished his town, he had grown weak from old age and when he looked back to the first house he’d built, he realized that he had forgotten the reason why he was so filled with despair.

He had forgotten Diana. Oh, the love of his life, his soon-to-be wife, was nothing more than a mere… memory. It had angered him, forgetting about the one person who meant the world to him, forgetting her for 2 decades straight! But no matter how hard he tried to remember those moments that he had once cherished, his memory had failed him. And as he grew older and older, laying flowers at the edge of the cliffs every single year to honor a stranger that he couldn’t remember but had done it out of respect for he would repeatedly see the dead roses peaking up from under the snow, his memory had gotten worser. It had gotten so bad to the point where he could barely remember his own name. On one the last few days of his life, he had passed by the first house he had ever built and had noticed something. Carved in large and crooked letters were the names “Ailmourn & Grimfort”, and that’s when he remembered. He was Griffin N. Ailmourn, the builder and founder of the very town in front of him, and right behind him were the cliffs in which were named after his lover.

Two years later, the abandoned town was found and rebuilt by a group of settlers and the population of the town started to grow with these “unique” people. But that’s a story for another time. Let’s just say that the once “famous” plains two miles away became a swamp that had slowly started to grow and later drove out the settlers with fear of disease, leaving the town to collapse and be destroyed. Overtime, the swap started to evaporate and disappeared, turning the land into a flourishing plain. And here I am, standing right in the very place where “history” was made. This meadow is the exact place where the town once was.