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John Osmond

John Osmond, Chief Editor

John Osmond is a Senior at Dakota High School. He is the Chief Editor of the Dakota Planet. He is infatuated with movies and anything to do with film-making. His favorite genre of film is a blend of avant-garde cinema crossed with romantic undertones. John always manages to find the most obscure and unique films involving the subject. John spends most of his time with his good friend Cooper Jordan, who is also a connoisseur of the area of film.  Cooper and John have spend countless nights marathoning their favorite movies and anime. One of his favorite films is the groundbreaking film Brokeback Mountain, starring now deceased actor Heath Ledger his role model, Jake Gyllenhaal. John has seen almost every single film starring the actor and holds him as his all time favorite man. From posters hung up all across his room, to the most obscure facts relating to him. It is safe to say that the man has and will continue to influence  John's life. Mr Osmond is a shining star among our vast milky way galaxy and will continue to shine bright and light the world around him.

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John Osmond