To The People of the Planet

I appreciate every one of you <3

Lexi Kincaid, Managing Editor

I tried to get into a journalism class twice, and in my junior year Ms. Ede told me to join Writing for Publication, “It’s basically a journalism class.” and so I wrote it down, and when that yellow schedule came there, it was WRITING FOR PUBLICATION 118 SARVER.  

On the first day I walked into the most colorful classroom, many kids were filed in talking to each other. Many different “groups” all forming at the small tables, but where did I fit in. Sitting down next to a girl I hadn’t talked to since elementary, I was not even ready for the amazing opportunity about to be given to me.  

Later that year I met such creative people. One kid, Zariq, one of the most creative people I’ve ever met. It was so fun to see his wild ideas come to life. From painting his face on a Sunday to recording him and Jacob fake fight, it was hilarious to begin to see such creative wheels turn. Not only that but people I would’ve never been friends with, allowed me to express my own creative ideas, and became some of my closest friends that year. 

That next year I was named a managing editor. Being able to work with two of the most amazing writers I’ve ever met, Maddie and Dominic. Maddie was such a capable and amazing editor, she worked so hard to make this class what it is, we would be nowhere without her. Dominic added so much character into all his work, he was a guiding light to many students who were looking to better their writing. Even if we didn’t always get along, I am so grateful to have met both of them, they are going to do such amazing things in the future, and I am so proud of where they’ve come. 

Alessandro, Alexa, and John were all staff who have really had an impact on my time in newspaper. I loved to read their stories; they too are all so talented. It helps to know you are leaving something you love in such capable hands. Although I may not always understand what John and Alessandro are talking about, their passion and excitement for the world is very inspiring, so if you have a minute drop by and read their stories, they’re definitely…something. As for Alexa, she is one of the kindest souls and I know she will do great things in her writing career. 

All the people I’ve worked with have been amazing, giving kids a chance to discover their true passions is something this class excels at. I am going to miss all the funny conversations, amazing work, and the family we have created. Seeing someone’s passion is one of the most amazing things of being a human, and this paper is a cumulation of that. 

Lastly, I need to thank Mrs. Sarver and Mr. McLeod. Two of the most amazing teachers I have had the pleasure of having, they care so much about their students and look for them to excel. apricate everything they have done for me, every crazy idea they egg on and every time they fuel the fire of our wild conversations. If you need two teachers who care about their students, take newspaper, because even though it’s the two most different ways of caring, they still care. 

If you are looking for a great class, a place to excel, and a way to express yourself, take newspaper. I owe the best time in high school to this class, and I am going to miss it so much. If you worked with me thank you for making me part of your creation, if you’ve read my stories thank you for appreciating my work. Keep creating, keep working, and don’t worry “there are no mistakes just happy accidents.” -Bob Ross 

See you later Alligator!  

Lexi Kincaid