For Matcha Lovers!


Emily Cagle

Love matcha? Premium Matcha Cafe Maiko, located in Troy, Michigan, is a matcha dream. All matcha lovers should definitely visit. And if you have not tried matcha, you’re living under a rock.

At this cafe, they literally only sell matcha everything. Matcha ice cream, cake, and drinks. They had many options to choose from. From just a regular matcha latte to matcha floats to plain matcha ice cream. I got the matcha latte float with matcha and vanilla ice cream mix. *Insert heart eye emoji*. They also have many toppings you can choose from, however i did not get any on my drink.


This cafe is located in many parts of the world including the U.S, Canada, China and, Thailand. This company specifically uses premium matcha from the Harima Gardens located in Uji, Kyoto. They passionately promote this quality matcha that they say everyone NEEDS to try.