Newly Opened, Kura Revolving Sushi Bar


Emily Cagle

Attention! A new hot spot for your friends and you has opened up in Troy, Michigan. Kura Revolving Sushi Bar is the first revolving sushi restaurant in Michigan. While the experience was fun, the food was also phenomenal. At affordable prices you can easily try many new kinds of roll.

There are endless options of different sushi rolls from raw to fried. Aside from sushi they also have many noodle soup options, fried rice, side dishes, and desert. Some of my favorites were the garlic ponzu nigiri and the fried chicken!

When eating there you do everything yourself, the waitress/waiter barely come because the food all is served on the conveyor belt. Even the food you order. You can order food by using the tablet above your table. The food you order specifically will come on the second level of the conveyor belt.

As a fun perk of eating so many plates of sushi you can win a prize! Every 15 plates you eat a prize comes from the machine above your table and you get a surprise lego sushi toy!

This is a 10/10 overall experience. A tip is to go on the weekdays, it’ll be a shorter wait! Enjoy!