Everything to Know About Ben Viviano: Vice President Candidate for the Class of 2023

Kristin Cowden, Writer

As we know, voting for Dakota’s student council is up and coming. However, just how much do we know about the candidates as leaders or as people? Here is everything you need to know about just one of the candidates for the class of 2023: Ben Viviano.

To begin, what exactly got Ben into leadership and student government? Ben says; “To me the one major thing that got me into leadership were my parents. When I was younger, I would always go to there classrooms to watch how they work.” Ben has also been campaigning for leadership positions and student government since he was in fourth grade. Along with getting a role in the student council while in elementary school, Ben felt that his journey was ready to begin. Throughout the years, Ben became very involved in leadership programs. Towards the end of seventh grade, he campaigned to be Seneca’s Vice President-and ended up winning. “The major part of my leadership journey would be my parents.” Ben says.

Second, what are Ben’s goals as Vice President? Ben states that; “As Vice President, my first goal would be to get to know my fellow classmates better. Then, I would start fundraising to give us bigger opportunities for our class to do.” Ben’s biggest goal, however, is to keep the school year amazing. “We have taken on multiple challenges and have over came all of those. I would like to work with my fellow class and fellow leaders to make sure that we overcome any challenges that we come face-to-face with in the upcoming school year.” Ben mentions.

Lastly, what about outside of leadership? Ben plays for the Dakota Varsity Boy’s Tennis team, and is also in band. He enjoys listening to music as well as playing music on his bass clarinet, and likes to color.

So, you’ve seen it here! Voting starts on 5/5 and ends on 5/8. Be sure to get out and cast your vote! Ben also added in his interview that he would like everyone to know that “a leader is one who knows the way, shows the way, and goes the way.” (John C. Maxwell.)