Dakota Girls Varsity Softball

an inside look on dakota varsity softball team


Brooklyn Plitz

Dakota’s Varsity Softball Team has been showing many great things this season as we are only about a month into playing time. The team has a winning record winning by many runs almost every game despite a tough loss to Anchor Bay 3-2, their third game of the season. The team consists of nine Seniors, four Juniors and three Sophomores (including myself). Despite of the late start to the season, the team has been doing very well playing together as a team. One of our Sophomores, Megan Nuechterlein, has been having an amazing year so far pitching, starting almost every game, she always has a lot of strikeouts and is a great teammate to help the team and lead them to victory. You cannot forget the girl working it behind the plate though, Brianna Bumbalough. Brianna has a hot bat with great swings as well as being a Western Michigan University commit who never fails to help the team. While on the topic of hitting, we have our lead-off batter Angela Petrovitch who is leading the team with her high batting average and stolen bases! As we continue our season, the girls hope to accomplish one, thing…win their last game and become state champs! The girls are hard at work every day in order to better their chances at doing so.

This past Tuesday, the Cougars beat St. Clair 12-2. What are great game for the girls! The varsity team will never fail to impress. The dugout is always loud and the positive energy flows through everyone, whether you start the game or finish the game, the girls are so supportive of one another! Due to rain, Thursday’s game had been canceled but will be made up on May 5th, make you sure come on out and support you Dakota Girls Varsity Softball team!

Angela Petrovitch and Brooklyn Plitz
Megan Nuechterlein, Brianna Bumbalough, Natalie Lerch, Angela Petrovitch, Brooklyn Plitz, Nikki Syracuse, Megan Bryant, Alina Bugenski and Madison Nuner