It is Here


Taylor Burnham

I wrote a poem for the ICRJ’s Martin Luther King Jr. celebration in 2020, and it earned first place in the spoken word competition. Given the current social climate of our country, I figured sharing this poem might help spread an important message about love and acceptance.


For the person who failed to recognize my accomplishment: 

The world can be ice, 

cold, frozen, stubborn. 

The world can drown you, 

push you underwater until you can’t breathe. 

Make you feel unworthy, unknown, 

like all hope is trapped in an 

endless fleet of snow. 


But the ice will melt, 

the temperature will rise, 

and hope will reign again, 

when It finally arrives. 


It brings warmth and comfort. 

It provides a safe space, 

where everyone can be free 

in any place. 

It makes you feel wanted, 

like you’re not alone, 

like the whole world sees you, 

and you’re not just a tiny stone. 


It is treating those who mistreat you with the deepest respect, 

never fighting or being rude. 

Because everyone deserves a second chance, 

everyone deserves to feel It too. 


It is what brings all races, ethnicities, and religions together, 

It is our common ground. 

When all platforms are accepted and free to be shared, 

that is when It is found. 


It is accepting everyone for who they are, 

their good traits and their flaws. 

No matter what they believe in or not, 

we all belong to the same cause. 


The world is not perfect. 

The world is not always nice. 

But that doesn’t mean 

It has to be covered in ice. 


It has a power. 

A power that brings everyone together. 

No judgement or discontent. 

It is the only way to bring positive change 

to a world full of torment. 


There are places that shine, 

like right here. 

Its light is bright and warm. 

It keeps away the cold, 

and keeps us safe from the storm. 

Whenever It’s here, there’s nothing to fear, 

that is a simple truth. 

And standing here, I know for certain, 

that It is here. 

It is love, and love is always here. 


So, no matter where you go, 

take love with you, 

and show the world just how powerful It can be. 

Then, who knows, 

maybe one day everyone can be free.


Thank you to Rachel Cherry for editing one word in this article.