Kendrick Lamar Releasing A New Album In 2021?

Kai Lin Hansbrough

     Rumor has it, 33 year old African American rapper, songwriter, and record producer Kendrick Lamar who has been regarded to as “One of the most influential artists of his generation” ( is going to release his first album since 2017!! His latest album “Damn” sold 353,000,000 copies in its first week and had over 340,000,000 streams! Unlike most rappers, Kendrick’s reasoning for not releasing new music is not due to money shortage or lack of ideas, but because he is striving to do better and to improve his music. His engineer stated in an interview that Kendrick is sitting on about 6 albums worth of songs, but will not release them because his mind state is always striving to do better. Kendrick’s long time engineer also is the one hinted that he may be dropping an album sometime this year, and what type of music we can expect to hear from this new and improved Kendrick.