Our Return

Kai Lin Hansbrough

Covid-19 has been affecting millions of lives for over a year now and cases are constantly rising and falling and the numbers can be almost impossible to predict. With that being said, I feel that we should not have returned to school full time. I personally feel that the decision to return back to school sitting side by side to another person as soon as we did was extremely risky. There were many risks to returning back to school, and those very risks are affecting many of the lives of Dakota’s students. Because we are back in face-to-face school with every student, various students are coming to school with covid and causing other students to have to quarantine for coming in contact with them. Not everyone knows immediately after they get Covid so not every student is at fault for coming to school positive, but that is also another one of the biggest reasons why we should not be going back to school shoulder to shoulder with other students who may or may not be taking precautions to avoid getting covid. I, as well as many other students and parents feel helpless and unable to avoid covid now that we are going back to school.