Underclassmen Spotlight!


Kendyl Miller

As the new season for Dakota Lacrosse come up very soon, our underclassmen try to accomplish the hardest, to make the team. One sophomore underclassman that I personally know is Alex Sakofske. He has been playing lacrosse for four years. What has made him want to play as he became more open to playing a new sport, and his friend Josh has played lacrosse for many of years. He started to become in love with the sport and he played his first year. Alex’s first year of lacrosse he played at the Macomb Bucks, where he played midfielder. After a year or so of that team, he switched over to a Romeo team that was named M53, where again, he played midfielder. As a freshman, Alex started up with Dakota Lacrosse and has played midfielder, as well as both defensive and offensive midfielder. Alex says that if he were to play in college, he would love to play at Lawrence Tech. “I would love to play here because it is close to home, a very caring school, and has programs that I would want to pursue in for my career.”   

While playing as an underclassman with upperclassmen, it is very hard to be able to feel united as a team, but one person that has impacted Alex is Seth Miller, a former Dakota Lacrosse player, and now playing in college. Seth has impacted Alex tremendously because he has helped him become much closer to all the upperclassmen, who have helped Alex get better and be able to work harder as an individual and teammate. Alex has pushed his limits so far, but without his biggest mentor Coach Benavides, he wouldn’t be where he is at now. Coach has pushed him to become a better teammate and really has created a brotherhood throughout all teams. Alex Sakofske, an underclassman, will keep continuing to play Dakota Lacrosse, and always keep pushing his limits to the furthest they can go.